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发布时间: 2018 - 01 - 16
Product PresentationBeautiful appearance, simple operation, low energy consumption, long working life, uniform drying, easy to maintain, is more advanced granulation equipment, the product is suitable for cold, hot granulation and high, medium and low concentrations of fertilizer the large-scale production. Working principleBy the main motor-driven belt and pulley, through the reduction gear transmission to the drive shaft by mounting gear off the driving shaft and fixed in the body of a large ring gear teeth together, work opposite. Material from the feed end joined by interior of the cylinder. The role of the internal cylinder through a special structure, which was made of particles, and finally through the spout. Due continue to enter the material, constantly rotating granulator be...
发布时间: 2018 - 01 - 16
Product PresentationOrganic fertilizer mixing granulator can produce organic raw material into a particular shapes.Belongs to Wet mixing granulating type ,using mechanical stirring force and high-speed rotation of the resulting aerodynamic,the fine powdery material in the machine to achieve continuous mixing, granulating, balling, dense and other processes, so as to achieve the purpose of granulation . This type design can  granulate particles into a ball rate is higher, the particles are more beautiful, meanwhile saving energy. Working PrincipleBelongs to Wet mixing granulating type ,using mechanical stirring force and high-speed rotation of the resulting aerodynamic,the fine powdery material in the machine to achieve continuous mixing, granulating, balling, ...
发布时间: 2018 - 01 - 16
Product PresentationDouble roller granulator is the key equipment of compound fertilizer granulation, with advanced technology, reasonable design, compact, innovative and practical, low energy consumption, work with the corresponding equipment, consisting of small-scale production line, capable of forming a certain production capacity continuous , mechanized production. Using eugenic formulas, without drying,working at room temperature, one time rolling molding. compound fertilizer product quality in line with technical requirements, it is used in the production of various crops of high, medium and low concentration of compound fertilizer and special fertilizer industry energy saving replacements. Working PrincipleThis series of double roller granulator's working p...
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Routine Care & Maintenance Of Rotary Drum Granulator

Date: 2018-01-11
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Routine Care & Maintenance of Rotary Drum Granulator

Rotary drum fertilizer granulator is used for high, medium and low concentrations of compound fertilizer production. Because of high granulation rate and large output, it becomes a key fertilizer machines in compound fertilizer production. As investment on fertilizer plant is rather huge, investors should pay much more attention to correct installation and routine maintenance of all fertilizer equipment to promise the effectiveness of compound fertilizer manufacturing.

Routine Care & Maintenance of Rotary Drum Granulator


Installation and Debugging
In compound fertilizer production line, fertilizer machines should be installed in strict accordance with handbook and technological process. As for rotary drum granulator, find standard height and horizontal position and install the machine at an angle. The angle of inclination is two to five degrees, which can be adjusted according to different requirements. It has anchor bolt slot in bracket and gear frame so you can install fertilizer granulator machine on the ground.

 a) Driving

Routine Care & Maintenance of Rotary Drum Granulator
1.Base plate thickness, between pedestal and ground, is less than 30-35cm.
2.Adjust height of all pedestals with razor-edge liner, keeping 5 degrees angle.
3.After adjusting the base angles, place cylinder on pedestals and set position of riding wheel.
4.Install transmission gear.
5.Be sure that the above parts are installed in place, and then pour cement. After concreting for 8-10 days, the service man can begin no-load test.

Adjustment method of the machine’s location 
a.Detect elevation and perpendicularity situated in highest point of rolling.
b. Place two hammers tangent to the fertilizer granulator. 
c. Measure the distance from the wire to line to fall in order to make sure that the machine is in a horizontal position;
d. Fix two parallel steel wires on bolts in left and right sides, with diameter of 0.5-1mm. Check steel wire level using the level meter.

No-load test for rotary drum granulator

a. Let rotary drum granulator run in ballast for 8 hours. When bearing temperature rises steadily, it shows that the machine is in regular work. The temperature should be less than 50℃while stopping the machine. 
b. The noise of gears should be uniform rather than extremes.
c. After testing machine, the service man should observe the appearance of gears without severe wear.


Successful Case by Henan Machinery & Equipment Company Limited

Routine Care & Maintenance of Rotary Drum Granulator

Operation Sequence and Precautions
①You should make the following preparations before starting the machine.
● Check and adjust to the granulator and protective equipment;
● There should be proper materials for all friction surfaces of bearings and lubrication system.
② If you do not check the granulator and accessory machinery, prohibit starting granulator.
③ The step starting making machine is as follows.
● Start up granulator motor.
● Start the machine that transports raw materials and particulate material.
b) Stopping machine
Stop adding materials to granulator firstly. And then close fertilizer granulator motor.

Handling Precautions
1. When fertilizer granulator is in operation, do not stay under the machine 
2.When granulator runs at work, do not make internal inspection and repair.
3. When granulating machine is running, removing the 
protective device is prohibited.
4. Do not touch the motor and wires without insulated gloves.
5. Do not start granulator when there is no perfect 
grounding wire. If there is current, stop the machine in time. 
6. If lamp voltage is higher than 12 volts, it is not suitable for checking fertilizer granulator.


Lubrication Instructions

1. Put dry butter in gears before starting the machine.
2.Butter the braid every seven days.
3.Put butter on ball-bearing seat every three months or replace new dry butter.
4. Using a gear oil before starting reduction box and change it every four months later.

Common Problems and Solutions
Q: Braid is sliding. How to solve the problem?
A: ① Dished splice slides are not clamped. Clamp the slides between rotary drum fertilizer granulator and dished splice. 
② It has not clamp the dished splice and braids in the radial direction. You can use base plate or clamp it. Have a notice that it is clamped excessively or unequally, avoiding having accidents.
Q: The machine is in dislocation. How to adjust the position?
A: ① Riding wheels are wearing out. Repair or change riding wheels according to degree of wear.
② Gear wheels are worn-out. You can fix, remove and change gear wheels in accordance with attrition rate of rotary drum fertilizer granulator.
Q: Gear is in dislocation. How to regulate its position?
A: ① Pinion gears are wearing. Install the pinion conversely. If both sides are worn, you need to replace with new gear for rotary drum fertilizer granulator.
② Intermediate joint, between a large gear and a cylinder, is destroyed. You can adjust the joint.
Q: Cylinder is shaking. How to reduce vibration?
A: The joint, between riding wheel and base, is damaged. Adjust the joint and tighten the coupling nut to make the riding wheel in the correct position.



Rotary drum fertilizer granulator is one of the key equipment for compound fertilizer industry, suitable for cool & hot granulating, large scale production for high, medium & low concentration compound fertilizer.

Routine Care & Maintenance of Rotary Drum Granulator

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Henan Machinery & Equipment Co.,Ltd is one of most famous manufacturer of compound fertilizer machines, and organic fertilizer machines; our company has passed international certification ISO9001:2008 quality and management system. 

We have high qualified technicians and workers, CAD design and R&D center, high precise and advanced processing equipment, and responsible sales and service team.Our company can provide complete service from beginning of consultancy, designing process, production, equipment installation & commissioning, training technician, etc.


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Routine Care & Maintenance of Rotary Drum Granulator


The shipping of organic fertilizer granulation equipment line to our customer

Routine Care & Maintenance of Rotary Drum Granulator



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