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发布时间: 2018 - 01 - 16
Product PresentationBeautiful appearance, simple operation, low energy consumption, long working life, uniform drying, easy to maintain, is more advanced granulation equipment, the product is suitable for cold, hot granulation and high, medium and low concentrations of fertilizer the large-scale production. Working principleBy the main motor-driven belt and pulley, through the reduction gear transmission to the drive shaft by mounting gear off the driving shaft and fixed in the body of a large ring gear teeth together, work opposite. Material from the feed end joined by interior of the cylinder. The role of the internal cylinder through a special structure, which was made of particles, and finally through the spout. Due continue to enter the material, constantly rotating granulator be...
发布时间: 2018 - 01 - 16
Product PresentationOrganic fertilizer mixing granulator can produce organic raw material into a particular shapes.Belongs to Wet mixing granulating type ,using mechanical stirring force and high-speed rotation of the resulting aerodynamic,the fine powdery material in the machine to achieve continuous mixing, granulating, balling, dense and other processes, so as to achieve the purpose of granulation . This type design can  granulate particles into a ball rate is higher, the particles are more beautiful, meanwhile saving energy. Working PrincipleBelongs to Wet mixing granulating type ,using mechanical stirring force and high-speed rotation of the resulting aerodynamic,the fine powdery material in the machine to achieve continuous mixing, granulating, balling, ...
发布时间: 2018 - 01 - 16
Product PresentationDouble roller granulator is the key equipment of compound fertilizer granulation, with advanced technology, reasonable design, compact, innovative and practical, low energy consumption, work with the corresponding equipment, consisting of small-scale production line, capable of forming a certain production capacity continuous , mechanized production. Using eugenic formulas, without drying,working at room temperature, one time rolling molding. compound fertilizer product quality in line with technical requirements, it is used in the production of various crops of high, medium and low concentration of compound fertilizer and special fertilizer industry energy saving replacements. Working PrincipleThis series of double roller granulator's working p...
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Biogas Slurry Solid Fertilizer Production Process

Date: 2018-01-15
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Biogas Slurry Solid Fertilizer Production Process


Mix biogas residues and microorganism agent evenly. The moisture content of the materials is less than 70%. After fermentation, biogas residues are well-composted. And then organic fertilizer is in the process of drying, crushing and screening. Add humic acid, nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium to residues and then mix all the materials. Over the course of granulation, grading, weighing and packing, biogas fertilizer production is finished.

Biogas Slurry Solid Fertilizer Production process

Biogas Residue Fertilizer Production Machinery


Compost windrow turner 

Semi wet material fertilizer crusher

Fertilizer mixer

Fertilizer granulator machine

Fertilizer dryer

Fertilizer cooler

Organic fertilizer screening machine

Organic fertilizer coating machine

Automatic fertilizer packaging machine


Biogas Slurry Solid Fertilizer Technical Difficulties and Solutions


The first technical difficulty of biogas waste fertilizer production is the fermentation effect. Using dry-wet method, water content in biogas residues can rapidly meet the requirements. In the process of fermentation, use biological method to make it hest up and then achieve composting effect. Finally, the materials come up the standard of water content. Fan Way provides several compost windrow turners, including hydraulic organic fertilizer compost windrow turner, self-propelled compost mixer turner, groove type compost making turner, etc. The compost mix turners have advantages of deep turning depth, even composting and turning. The materials get fully access of air. Compost windrow turners can break up the lumps in fermentation tank. The technology has been applied for national patents.


The second technical difficulty in biogas slurry solid fertilizer production is crushing. It depends on whether fermented materials crush fully or not. The crushing effect directly affects the quality of finished products. There are some organic fertilizer crushers, which is suitable for all kinds of water content of organic fertilizer raw materials and materials in different forms. 

Biogas Residue Liquid Fertilizer Production Solution


Biogas Residue Liquid Fertilizer Production Process


Biogas Slurry Organic Liquid Fertilizer (fertilization, foliage spray)

The first step is biogas precipitation. And then the slurry is pumped into the fermentation tanks gas explosion fermentation in an ongoing process. Fermented slurry is separated in solid-liquid separation machine. Then the parting liquid is pumped into the reactor separation, being in humic acid reaction. After that take humic acid reaction liquid and add other elements of chemical fertilizer to make complexation reaction. Biogas fertilizer is made into finished products and packaged.

Biogas Slurry Solid Fertilizer Production process

Equipment Needed in Biogas Waste Liquid Organic Fertilizer Production


1. Aeration tower

2. Solid and liquid separator 

3. Reactor

4. Entry pump

5. Forced-draught fan 

6. Storage tank 

7. Mating filling lines


Biogas Waste Organic Fertilizer Production Technical difficulties and solutions


One of difficulty in biogas waste liquid fertilizer production is solid-liquid separation technology. Using the whole solid-liquid separation machine, biogas organic fertilizer production is characterized by high production capacity, simple operation, easy maintenance and reasonable price. 

The other difficulty is the deodorizing process of biogas. Adopting biological methods deodorization and combining with aeration tower, deodorant process is quickly and the results are satisfactory.

Chelating biogas technology is also difficulty in biogas waste liquid organic fertilizer production. With tight chelating operation process and systematic management, work efficiency increases by 10% to 25%. The finished product quality has been a variety of formulations experiment, meeting international standards.

Biogas Fertilizer Features


Efficacy Features of Biogas Waste Fertilizer


1.Biogas slurry fertilizer production technology is advanced. With scientific allocated proportion, nutrients in organic fertilizer are comprehensive. Therefore, active materials content is increased and fertilizer efficiency is significant with long reaction time. 

2. Biogas waste fertilizer effectively regulates biological hormones in plants, promotes enzymatic activity, cell viability and photosynthesis.

3. Biogas residue fertilizer promotes root development, delays plant senescence, improves plant quality and increase production.

4. Biogas slurry fertilizer effectively prevents crop diseases and physiological element deficiencies.

Biogas Slurry Solid Fertilizer Production process

Biogas Residue Fertilizer Special efficiency


1.With complete nutrition, biogas residue organic fertilizer meets crop nutrient needs in different periods and improves the absorption and utilization of nutrients.

2. Biogas organic fertilizer promotes crop growth, photosynthesis, transmission and sustained release. 

3. It increases crop immunity, reduces the physiological diseases and leaflets, yellow leaves, dead trees caused by absent microelements.

4. It increases root development and sound seedling, adjusts the opening of the stomata, reduces transpiration and enhances crop anti-leggy resistance to drought, dry hot wind, and chill. 

5. It reduces chemical injury and has significant rapid recovery of crops, herbicide injury, hail, chill, waterlogging, cropping and raw land. 

6. It improves crop pollination, setting percentage, bear pods, heading the amount of swelling fruit and full grain. Therefore, it increases fruit, spike and grain weight and more than 10% -20% yields.

7. This product contains special effects of biogas waste. It has aversion effects upon aphids, planthoppers and other sucking pests.



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