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发布时间: 2018 - 01 - 16
Product PresentationBeautiful appearance, simple operation, low energy consumption, long working life, uniform drying, easy to maintain, is more advanced granulation equipment, the product is suitable for cold, hot granulation and high, medium and low concentrations of fertilizer the large-scale production. Working principleBy the main motor-driven belt and pulley, through the reduction gear transmission to the drive shaft by mounting gear off the driving shaft and fixed in the body of a large ring gear teeth together, work opposite. Material from the feed end joined by interior of the cylinder. The role of the internal cylinder through a special structure, which was made of particles, and finally through the spout. Due continue to enter the material, constantly rotating granulator be...
发布时间: 2018 - 01 - 16
Product PresentationOrganic fertilizer mixing granulator can produce organic raw material into a particular shapes.Belongs to Wet mixing granulating type ,using mechanical stirring force and high-speed rotation of the resulting aerodynamic,the fine powdery material in the machine to achieve continuous mixing, granulating, balling, dense and other processes, so as to achieve the purpose of granulation . This type design can  granulate particles into a ball rate is higher, the particles are more beautiful, meanwhile saving energy. Working PrincipleBelongs to Wet mixing granulating type ,using mechanical stirring force and high-speed rotation of the resulting aerodynamic,the fine powdery material in the machine to achieve continuous mixing, granulating, balling, ...
发布时间: 2018 - 01 - 16
Product PresentationDouble roller granulator is the key equipment of compound fertilizer granulation, with advanced technology, reasonable design, compact, innovative and practical, low energy consumption, work with the corresponding equipment, consisting of small-scale production line, capable of forming a certain production capacity continuous , mechanized production. Using eugenic formulas, without drying,working at room temperature, one time rolling molding. compound fertilizer product quality in line with technical requirements, it is used in the production of various crops of high, medium and low concentration of compound fertilizer and special fertilizer industry energy saving replacements. Working PrincipleThis series of double roller granulator's working p...
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Product PresentationDouble shaft chain crusher is not only used to crush lumps of compound fertilizer production,but also widely used in chemical,building materials, mining and other industries, using high intensity resistance MoCar bide chain plate ,ration aldesign, crushing the material evenly, facilitate cleaning. Crush all kinds of bulk fertilizers and other bulk materials of medium hardness. Performance FeaturesDouble rotor structure, the rotor shaft each has its own drive motor, chain head work as circumference speed.Machine including the spout into the body, a gate rotor (including bearings), gearing and shock absorber components.lined with rubber plate inside the body, on both sides of the body is provided with a quick opening access door Working PrincipleThe main compone...
Product PresentationCage crusher is designed in accordance with the principle of impact crusher, inside and outside the two counter-rotating cage bar high speed, striking out through the cage bars and the pulverized material from the inside. Performance FeaturesHigh crushing efficiency, smooth operation. Cage crusher has simple structure, high grinding efficiency, good seal performance, stable operation, easy to clean, convenient maintenance. Simple and compact, easy maintenance, easy to clean, specially used for ammonium dihydric phosphate, diamonium phosphate , Urea and hard material Working PrincipleWithout basic equipment,start working with power on, crushing fineness by a double roller control, finer pitch smaller fineness, yield relatively lower, uniform feeding ground...
Product PresentationHalf wet material crusher  is used for biological organic compost fermentation, the urban domestic waste composting, grass mud carbon, rural garbage, industrial organic waste of straw, breeding livestock and poultry manure and other biological fermentation high wet material crushing. Performance Features1.Wide range of applications, high reliability.over a hundred kinds of materials can be crushed and will not be blocked.2.High efficiency. The machine uses two-stage crushing rotor upper and lower levels, the material is first fine particles and then into a fine powder, and finally the discharge port directly discharged.3.Easy operating. The machine uses high technology, only one person can easily operate, not only safe, reliable, but also easy maintenance....
Product PresentationMotor drives the rotor for high-speed rotation, uniform material into the crusher chamber, the impact of high-speed rotary hammer, cut the material to tear caused material to be broken, at the same time, the material itself from the material gravity speed rotation of the hammer toward the body frame bezel, the screen bars, mesh size larger than the material retained on the sieve continue to be hit and grinding hammer until crushed to the desired particle size of the material outside the machine finally discharged through the sieve . This machine is a large-scale organic fertilizer production in the pulverized product of choice. Performance Features1.Advanced structure. Hammer crusher bearing box are all made of steel, each axle box with four screws.2.strong applica...
Product PresentationStraw crusher is another new products of us , this crusher can guarantee the standard of finished products,uniform finished product fineness, the internal with stainless steel sieve, sieve mesh could be customized , small footprint, easy packing, simple operation, no dust pollution. Performance Features1)Reasonable design, reliable manufacturing quality;2) simple structure, easy operation,small footprint, energy saving;3) automatic control of electric heating devices design, randomly adjust the humidity of materials, to ensure the stability of the material forming, improve work efficiency. 4)Main parts adopt wearable material with specially treated,durable and continue producing. Suitable for a variety of biomass materials (maize straws, wheat straw,...
Product PresentationVertical crusher in the draw domestic and foreign advanced crushing equipment, based on the optimization design made of a non-screen bar, adjustable crushing equipment, can be widely applied to  the main equipment of mineral processing equipment. Can be used for mixed materials, gypsum, coal gangue, slag, copper ore, and other materials were pulverized final fertilizer industry is one of the most common crushing equipment for raw materials and returning materials were pulverized and especially for aqueous high rates of materials adaptable, easy to plug, cutting smoothly. Performance Features1.Simple and reasonable structure, low running cost.2.High broken rate, energy saving. 3.Small Affected by the material moisture content, 4.Work noise below 75 de...


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