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发布时间: 2018 - 01 - 15
Product PresentationDouble shaft chain crusher is not only used to crush lumps of compound fertilizer production,but also widely used in chemical,building materials, mining and other industries, using high intensity resistance MoCar bide chain plate ,ration aldesign, crushing the material evenly, facilitate cleaning. Crush all kinds of bulk fertilizers and other bulk materials of medium hardness. Performance FeaturesDouble rotor structure, the rotor shaft each has its own drive motor, chain head work as circumference speed.Machine including the spout into the body, a gate rotor (including bearings), gearing and shock absorber components.lined with rubber plate inside the body, on both sides of the body is provided with a quick opening access door Working PrincipleThe main compone...
发布时间: 2018 - 01 - 15
Product PresentationCage crusher is designed in accordance with the principle of impact crusher, inside and outside the two counter-rotating cage bar high speed, striking out through the cage bars and the pulverized material from the inside. Performance FeaturesHigh crushing efficiency, smooth operation. Cage crusher has simple structure, high grinding efficiency, good seal performance, stable operation, easy to clean, convenient maintenance. Simple and compact, easy maintenance, easy to clean, specially used for ammonium dihydric phosphate, diamonium phosphate , Urea and hard material Working PrincipleWithout basic equipment,start working with power on, crushing fineness by a double roller control, finer pitch smaller fineness, yield relatively lower, uniform feeding ground...
发布时间: 2018 - 01 - 15
Product presentationThe fermentation tank is used for processing organic wastes, like pig manure, chicken manure, cow dung, sheep manure, bacteria mushroom slag, and medicine slag, crop straw, etc. It only takes 10 hours to complete harmless processing; small occupied area (fermentation machine occupy area for 10-30 square meters); no pollution (closed type fermentation), completely killing diseases (can adjustment to 80-100 ℃ high temperature); it is the first and best selection for farming enterprise, and cycle agricultural, and ecological agricultural.Different capacity can be customized according to customers. Performance features1)On-line CIP cleaning and SIP sterilizing2)Accordance with requirements sanitary design, humanized...
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Product presentationThe tracked fermentation machine is kind of advanced fermentation machine, with hydraulic operating system-lever steering wheel operation, Caterpillar, durable, powerful,technologically advanced, production, throwing ability, throwing roller hydraulic adjustment, high degree of automation, the operation is simple and easy to master. Is an organic fertilizer fermentation of organic oxygen into professional turning-throwing equipment. Performance features1)Operation easier and eliminates hydraulic type, save space, manual, diesel, shortened working hours, ahead of the fermentation period2)This product turning clutch with soft start3)Installing the former hydraulic pusher without manual time consuming the whole stack.4)Roller hydraulic lift, cab optional with air-cond...
Product PresentationThe Raymond Mill is used to grind materials in the fields of building materials, mining, metallurgy and chemical industry. The materials must be non-flammable and non-explosive materials such as: limestone, calcite, barite, dolomite, potassium feldspar, marble, talcum, gypsum, kaoline, medical stone, rock phosphate, manganese ore, iron ore, glass, ceram, active carbon, carbon black, fireproof materials, heat preservation materials, chemical materials and so on(300 kinds of materials). The materials should have the hardness less than 7 in Moh's scale and humidity less than 6 percent. The granularity of the end products can be adjusted from 30 to 325 meshes. Features1.The whole mill is of spatial structure, less premise and systemic strong. The whole system from roug...
Product PresentationOrganic fertilizer, compound fertilizer at the time of the initial formation of the fertilizer particles of various shapes and particle sizes, in order to make the fertilizer particles look good some of my company developed a special organic fertilizer throwing circle machine,thrown round machine series.Organic fertilizer throwing circle machine is thrown round means of organic fertilizer, compound fertilizer granulating machine based on the configuration, so that cylindrical particles to roll into a ball once, no feed back, as the ball high, the intensity is good, beautiful and practical, today organic fertilizer (bio) system ideal for spherical particles. Working PrincipleThrown round machine with chicken manure and other livestock category is the main raw materi...
Product presentationThe  sludge dryer dewater sludge after drying, the moisture content is greatly reduced, the volume is very small. In order to facilitate the use and further processing. After drying, the moisture content of the sludge can be reduced to about 20% by volume also decreased, easy to transport, use or final disposal. For sludge drying process easy to knot the unity block characteristics, drying machine uses a multi-channel internal helical structure, and change the structure of the dryer drum plate, using a combined lifting plate structure, increased activity grate style wing and self-cleaning device, various types of sludge can be dried and drying a variety of high viscosity materials. Working principleSludge dryer can be one-time 90% of the water content of dried...
Product PresentationVertical crusher in the draw domestic and foreign advanced crushing equipment, based on the optimization design made of a non-screen bar, adjustable crushing equipment, can be widely applied to  the main equipment of mineral processing equipment. Can be used for mixed materials, gypsum, coal gangue, slag, copper ore, and other materials were pulverized final fertilizer industry is one of the most common crushing equipment for raw materials and returning materials were pulverized and especially for aqueous high rates of materials adaptable, easy to plug, cutting smoothly. Performance Features1.Simple and reasonable structure, low running cost.2.High broken rate, energy saving. 3.Small Affected by the material moisture content, 4.Work noise below 75 de...
Product presentationThe wheel type fermentation machine is a special equipment for fermentation and production of biological organic fertilizer; this machine can move forward, backward, turning direction by a person driving.  Performance features1) Advanced process , use microbes oxygen technology2) Can effectively mix the poultry manure, straw and  microbial agents, and creat aerobic fermentation environment3) low energy consumption, big capacity, low production costs Working principleThe aircraft played tight structure,advanced technologyshort fermentation period (7-8 days),low energy consumption, stable product quality....
Product PresentationRotary screen is widely used to screen the fertilizer granules.The qualified products will through it to the coating equipment ,while the coarse and unqualified granules will be recycled to the previous procedure to granulate again.Performance Features1.It could screen most kinds of fertilizer granules and the effect is good.2.Low investment costs,high capability ,energy converation and environmental protection.3.Easy structure,convenient operation and maintenance4.Strong capability and save energy.Working PrincipleThe motor drives the vibrator via v-belt, which makes the screen do a cyclical reciprocating in the directin of vibrator. The materials are sieved by making round movement in the screen. Technical ParameterModelDiameterLengthCapacityPowerRotation Speed (...
Product presentationBrewer's grains  is the main raw material for the production of beer - malt, rice and hops through saccharification, gelatinization technology to filter or filter press after the residual solids. Its main ingredient is wheat shell, wheat germ, rice germ and endosperm, which contains large amounts of constituent non-decomposed and difficult to break down crude protein, crude fat and crude fiber and other nutrients polymer, it has become after being processed one source of protein feed production of raw materials.Distillers grains from grain alcohol or alcohol residue after use as livestock feed, wine as residue filtered through coarse grains go after the solid residue and the remaining fine particles are dissolved. Working principleThe large amount of by-produc...
Product PresentationPLZ automatic batching machine is mainly suitable for 3 to 8 kinds of the material feeding , burdening and mixing , which use the computer for automatic control scale and with pneumatic door for main quantitative feeding control , material after mixing with a belt machine automatically sent out.Performance FeaturesA.Fully automated formula fertilizer complete sets of equipmentB.Applicable to single-bag ingredients, single-bag mix, single-bag packaging, with 5 to 10 tons per hourC.Ingredients and more types, can be equipped with 4 to 6 kinds of materialsD.Ingredient accuracy ≤ ± 0.5%E.According to user needs to change the formula at any timeF.With print function, you can print the report at any timeG.With on-site or remote monitoring system function, connected with ...


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