BB fertilizer mixer manufacture in China Manfacturer

BB fertilizer mixer manufacture in China

1.BB fertilizer mixer raw material dealing:various materials 2.BB fertilizer mixer application:organic fertilizer production line,compound fertilizer production line,chemical metallurgy, mining, building materials and other industries. 3.Capacity:2-10t/h 4.BB fertilizer mixer advantages:The mixing efficiency is high and the area is small.The spiral blade adopts high – wear special alloy;Adopts reducer transmission, which is stable and has low noise;It has reasonable structure;The joint surfaces are tightly sealed and run smoothly.

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BB fertilizer mixer for sale

Technical Parameter of BB fertilizer mixer:

Model Stirring speed Motor Power(KW) Capacity (t/h)
GTH-3 14.5 7.5 2-3
GTH-5 12.5 11 3-5
GTH-10 10.5 22 5-10

BB fertilizer







BB fertilizer mixer is the production of powdered formula fertilizer production equipment, it is possible to mix powdered particles of powder can be blended mix, it is divided into Simple, semi-automated and fully automated.

BB fertilizer





















PLC control system of computer → Automatic proportional batching raw materials → Lifting by slope scraper → Mixing by roller → Mixed materials disposed into storage silos of weighing machine → Quantitative packaging (10-50kg/bag) → Conveying and sewing → Finished product pelletizing storage.

BB fertilizer