How to operate the organic fertilizer equipment?

With the popularization of organic fertilizer equipment, our requirements for organic fertilizer equipment are also higher and higher, and our dependence on organic fertilizer equipment is also gradually improved.Therefore, it brings certain pressure to the development of organic fertilizer equipment. In the process of production, organic fertilizer equipment needs to be strictly required to protect people’s health. So how should we operate correctly?


1, as the organic fertilizer equipment operation equipment production staff, first should receive professional training, and qualified training before the operation of organic fertilizer equipment.
2, as the operation of organic fertilizer equipment staff, first of all, should correct work attitude, because cooking oil and people’s health is closely related, so in the operation of organic fertilizer equipment process can not appear any careless, otherwise it will bring certain accidents.

3, organic fertilizer equipment must be placed in a proper position, organic fertilizer equipment to maintain ventilation, and the ground wire, when we found that organic fertilizer equipment can not operate should immediately stop the production of the workshop, to find out the problem and solve.
4, we in the use of organic fertilizer equipment to keep clean, because only clean the surface of organic fertilizer equipment, in order to lubricate parts, also to ensure the sanitary production of organic fertilizer equipment.


How to maintain the organic fertilizer equipment?
1, routine maintenance of organic fertilizer equipment: routine maintenance to clean, lubrication, inspection and fastening as the center of gravity, in the work of organic fertilizer equipment and after the work should be carried out according to the requirements of routine maintenance.
2, organic fertilizer equipment maintenance: it is in the basic premise of routine maintenance, the point is smooth, tighten and check the organic fertilizer equipment related parts and clean work.
3. Secondary maintenance of organic fertilizer equipment: focus on inspection and adjustment.Specific to check the organic fertilizer equipment engine, clutch, transmission, transmission components, steering and braking components.