What are the advantages of the Gate fertilizer wheel composter?

Wheel composter is a series of products produced by our company in order to promote the production of bio-organic fertilizer on the ground by stack fermentation. The wheel composter can increase the fermentation time. Generally, it only takes 1-3 days on the basis of traditional fermentation flipping, and the use of materials with a large water content is about 7 days. Such equipment will give organic fertilizer invisibly. Increased user output. The feature of the wheel composter is that it saves a lot of manpower and material engineering.

Organic fertilizer waste compost turner machine

Advantages of wheel composter

1. The wheel composting machine lever operation in-situ 180 ° turning and turning, eliminating the trouble of steering wheel-type in-situ inability to turn around.
2. The wheel composting machine will not turn over completely.
3. The clutch of the wheel composter adopts a soft drive, eliminating the iron-to-iron clutch, and increasing the service life of the equipment shaft, chain and bearing.
4. The nationwide warranty of wheeled composting machine, the after-sales service is worry-free.
5. Wheeled composter-walking type stacker adopts frame multi-column automobile type overall structure, which has longer service life and should not be deformed.

Tractor compost turner for fertilizer factory sale

Working principle of wheel composter

The wheeled composter adopts a four-wheel walking design, which can move forward and backward. When the wheeled dumper is running, the whole vehicle rides on a long stack of pre-stacked fertilizer bases, and the bottom of the rack is stirred and agitated by a knife to dump, fluff, and move the fertilizer-based raw materials. Bar stacks. The wheeled composter can be operated in open outdoor open fields or in workshop sheds. The medium-sized wheel composter can mix 600-900 cubic meters of material per hour (equivalent to the tireless workload of 100 people at the same time). It can fold more than 160-200 tons of synthetic fertilizer, and in a factory with a daily output of 30 tons of finished fertilizer, workers actually turn around less than an hour a day.

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