Advantages and disadvantages of compound fertilizer

Compound fertilizer is made by chemical (chemical) action or mixed ammoniation granulation process, and has obvious chemical reaction. It is also called chemical compound fertilizer in China. Our new compound fertilizer granulator solves the key problem that is difficult to break through traditional granulation processes. Compound fertilizers are generally carried out in large and medium-sized factories. The variety and specifications are often limited. It is difficult to adapt to the needs of different soils and crops. When applying, it is necessary to adjust the nutrient ratio with a certain two kinds of elemental fertilizers.

Advantages of Compound Fertilizer—-New Compound Fertilizer Granulator
1. The compound fertilizer has more nutrient elements, and the compound fertilizer is applied at one time, and at least two main nutrients of the crop can be supplied at the same time.
2, the structure is uniform, resulting in the structure of the particles compared with the powdery or crystalline unit fertilizer, the structure is tight, the nutrient release is uniform, the fertilizer effect is stable and long.
3, the physical properties are good, the compound fertilizer produced by the new compound fertilizer granulator is granular, has low hygroscopicity, is not easy to agglomerate, is convenient for storage and application, and is particularly convenient for mechanized fertilization.
4, storage and transportation, because the compound fertilizer has fewer sub-components, so it can save packaging, storage and transportation costs.

Disadvantages of Compound Fertilizer—-New Compound Fertilizer Granulator

1. The proportion of nutrients is fixed and it is difficult to meet the needs of various soils and various crops.
2. The rate of movement of various nutrients in the soil is different, and the degree of being maintained and lost is different. Therefore, it is difficult to meet the requirements of fertilization techniques in application time and fertilization position.
Although there are some restrictions on compound fertilizers, the compound fertilizers can be well applied by testing the soil and the characteristics of the crops to be fertilized, and adding the nutrients needed for the crop through the new compound fertilizer granulator.