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First, our account manager will communicate with you the product requirements related to your machine
Secondly, we will provide machine quotation within 24 hours
Then, we can design machine 3D drawings, 3D videos, and factory design drawings for you for free
Finally, we can do granulation experiments for you for free according to your raw materials

On sale

First, during the equipment production process, we will feedback the production progress to you
Second, we support customer on-site inspection, video inspection, third-party inspection, factory inspection agency inspection
Third, we can provide certificates of origin, customs clearance certificates, etc.
Fourth, we provide you with free testing services before the machine leaves the factory

After sale

First,If you need to install, we have a professional overseas installation team
Second,We will provide you with installation drawings or a video guide for making the installation
Third,We support to provide you with free accessories within one year of purchase of machine equipment
Fourth,We will provide a five year warranty on important parts of the equipment

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