Chicken Manure Organic Fertilizer Mixing Machine for Myanmar Customer

today, our Myanmar customer come to visit our factory and inspect the chicken manure mixing machine for organic fertilizer production;mixing machine is a key organic fertilizer production equipment for organic waste, such as animals & fowls manure, sludge waste, sugar filter mud, oil seed residues and straw sawdust etc. Materials can be mixed and fermented in the trough for 7-10 days. Temperature should be in 60-70℃ and moisture content should be between 40-50%.

Fermented materials are mixed evenly together in horizontal mixer to improve fertilizer nutrient distribution uniformity and the greatest fertilizer nutrient use efficiency, which is also helpful for further granulating. The horizontal mixer machine is also suitable for feed, concentrated feed and additive premix mixing. our organic fertilizer mixing machine include horizontal mixer, vertical pan mixer, double shaft mixer, double ribbon mixer, drum mixer, etc. our mixing machine can has various capacities, can meet customers’s different requirements.