Comparison of Disc Granulator and Double Roller Granulator

The organic fertilizer granulator is very important in the fertilizer production line. It is responsible for the granulation process and directly affects the quality of the product. There are many types of granulators, and the disc granulator and the double roller granulator are two common types of granulator equipment.

 The disc granulator uses the rotation of the disc to process the powdered raw materials in the equipment into the required spherical shape; and the simple working principle of the double roller granulator is that the material is first squeezed and then formed. How to choose a suitable granulator? Let’s take a look at the advantages of the disc granulator and the double roller granulator.

1. Advantages of disc granulator:

(1) The particle size can be adjusted, and the adjustment range is wide. The size of the particles depends on the inclination angle and rotation speed of the disc. The disc granulator can adjust the inclination angle and rotation speed, so the particle size control range is relatively wide.

(2) The real-time situation of granulation can be directly observed, and adjustments can be made at any time according to the problems existing in the granulation process.

(3) By changing the grooving form of the roller surface, materials such as flakes, strips, olives and oblates can be obtained. 

(4) The bottom of the pelletizing tray adopts a thicker, heavier, and firm base design, no anchor bolts are needed to fix it, and the operation is stable.

2. Advantages of the double roller granulator:

(1) Wide range of granulation. It can be adapted to process particles containing heat-sensitive materials, such as adding organic fertilizer to ammonium bicarbonate to make granules.

(2) It belongs to dry granulation, and it is more convenient to adjust the dryness and wetness of the material during granulation.

(3) There is no waste water or waste gas discharged during the production process, which is more environmentally friendly.

(4) The spherical pits of the counter roller are of the same size, and the particle uniformity is high.

(5) The production plan can be adjusted at any time, with good flexibility.

In short, the disc granulator and the double roller granulator have their own advantages. The disc granulator has stable production efficiency, sturdiness and durability, and long equipment life. The double roller granulator has wide raw material adaptability and higher flexibility. Users can choose a suitable granulator according to actual needs.

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