Disc granulator used in fertilizers

The Gate Corp disc granulator consists of an angled shallow disc and  a support frame. The angle of inclination and the rotational speed of the disc are adjustable. The mixed materials in the mixer are sent to the top of the disc by a belt conveyor,and the disc is continuously quantitatively added. The material of the disc is bonded by the sprayed adhesive and wrapped into pellets. As the disc rolls over, the particles gradually grow. Due to the remarkable grading ability of the disc granulator, large particles float on top and are continuously discharged from the lower side of the disc. The smaller particles remain in the pan and stick to the newly added material and continue to grow. Disc granulator is the most used granulation equipment in China. It has the advantages of simple structure, low cost and convenient maintenance.

What is the method of turning on the disc granulator?
1. Before the disc granulator is turned on, first warm up for about forty or fifty minutes. Different temperatures are adjusted according to plastics of different properties.
2. When the disc granulator is working normally, the machine temperature should be stable and should not be high or low. Near the vent hole, until the temperature of the head part should be kept at about 200 °C (refer to propylene material, material B).
3, the disc granulator should be evenly fed, and there should be no shortage of material. The feeding speed of the machine and the feeding speed should be appropriate. Otherwise it will affect the quality and yield of the particles.
4. When the machine is shut down, the host should completely cut off the power. The head plug (with wrench part) must be removed. Warm up separately before the next use.

What should the disc granulator need to pay attention to during work?
1. When the bearing parts of the reducer of the disc granulator are burned, or if there is noise, stop it and repair it in time, and add fuel.
2. When the bearing parts at both ends of the bearing chamber of the main engine are burnt or have noise, stop the maintenance and add butter. During normal operation, the bearing chamber is filled with butter once every 5-6 days.
3, pay attention to find out the operating rules of the machine; such as: machine temperature, speed, speed, according to the situation, timely processing.
4. When the fuselage of the disc granulator is unstable, it should be checked whether the gap of the coupling is too tight, and it should be loosened in time.