Efficient and widly used vertical crusher machine for fertilizer

Organic fertilizer vertical crusher is suitable for crushing raw materials and returned materials. Organic fertilizer crusher is widely used in bio-organic fermentation composting, municipal solid waste composting, straw mud carbon, rural straw garbage, chicken manure, cow manure, sheep manure and other bio-fermentation high-humidity material crushing process equipment. Vertical crusher has strong adaptability to materials with high moisture content, is not easy to clog, and can discharge materials smoothly.

How does the vertical pulverizer smash the material?
The material enters from the feed port of the vertical pulverizer and collides with the high-speed rotating casing in the casing. After the material is impacted by the vertical pulverizer, it is crushed and broken, and then hits the inner wall of the casing to counterattack and hammer. The head collided, so that the material was changed into powder or 3mm particles by the vertical pulverizer during the falling process, and discharged from the lower sieve plate. The particles with large particle size could not be discharged from the sieve plate and continued to be crushed by vertical pulverization. The hammer of the hammer is broken until it is discharged.

What is the internal structure of vertical crusher?
Vertical crusher hammer consists of chassis, shaft, shaft, chain, chain of hammer bracket, motor and other parts. Vertical crusher coupling drive spindle, vertical crusher spindle bearing, bearing installed on the top of the chassis, vertical bracket of hammer crusher hammer on spindle is equipped with chain, chain, feed hopper installed on the upper casing, convenient for loading and unloading chain hammer, vertical crusher on casing has valve, easy disassembling and maintenance.

What are the advantages of vertical crusher?
1, vertical crusher crushing ratio is large, relatively ideal for material processing with high moisture content
2, vertical mill output particle size can be adjusted arbitrarily, no screen bar Settings, the material with a large amount of sand will not be blocked
3, vertical grinder high efficiency, unique structure, smooth operation, low noise
4, easy maintenance, open the vertical crusher working warehouse door can easily replace vulnerable parts.