Factory price organic fertilizer machine semi-wet material crusher for sale

Main parameters of  semi-wet material crusher:

Model Capacity (t/h) Power  (kw) Outlet fineness Specification  (mm)
BSF-40 1-1.5 22 50 mesh 1200×1350×900
BSF-40II 1-1.5 22×2 80 mesh 1250×1600×1300
BSF-60 1.5-3 30 50 mesh 1300×1450×1300
BSF-60II 1.5-3 30×2 80 mesh 1500×2150×1920
BSF-90 3-5 37 50 mesh 1800×1550×1700
BSF-120 5-8 75 50 mesh 2100×2600×2130

semi-wet material crusher introduction:

semi-wet material crusher is a professional machine for high water content organic materials. It has strong adaptability to the moisture content of the material, especially the mature waste after fermentation and other materials with water content less than or equal to 30%. Organic fertilizer machine semi-wet material crusher can meet the requirements of common fertilizer production. The crush size can be adjusted according to customer needs.

semi-wet material crusher features:

1. The rotor of the semi-wet material crusher structure adopts reasonable design and structure. With double-layer blades, the crushing efficiency is twice that of other crushers. The material enters the broken portion from the feed hole and is then pulverized into particles.

2. Semi-wet material crusher uses high alloy wear-resistant hammer. Hammers are forged to ensure they are durable enough to extend their life.

3. The semi-wet material crusher frame is made of high quality carbon steel plate and iron box. It passes strict production certification and specific technical requirements.

4. The semi-wet material crusher consists of two layers of grinding system, which can finely pulverize materials to achieve the best results. The inner liner is made of high-strength material with good wear resistance and durability.

5. Semi-wet material crusher adopts flexible belt drive. The motor drives the pulley, which transfers power to the spindle, causing it to rotate at high speed to crush the material.