GATE cow dung organic fertilizer production line investment small return

How to deal with the harm caused by excess cow dung

Every year, a large number of livestock and poultry manure is discharged without treatment, but it turns into a source of pollution, causing environmental pollution. In recent years, many people of insight have focused on the comprehensive recycling project of aquaculture pollution. Cattle manure organic fertilizer production line project is such a project

Prospects of Organic Fertilizer Production Line

In cattle breeding enterprises, owing to the wetness of cattle farms and stables, dust, feces, mouldy mattress and exhaled CO2, odor is emitted, which affects the growth of livestock and poultry and human health. The environmental pollution caused by cattle farm production has become increasingly prominent. Therefore, in recent years, the technology of processing cow manure by the organic manure production line of cow manure is very popular. At the same time, the market also appeared powdery or granular organic fertilizer equipment such as chicken manure organic fertilizer production line. Because of the moderate price of GATE organic fertilizer production line, it is deeply trusted by customers.

Process for processing cattle manure organic fertilizer production line in cattle farm

Usually, the organic fertilizer production line uses scientific methods to kill or remove pathogenic microorganisms and parasite eggs in the feces, and at the same time can preserve the fertilizer effect of the feces, and the treated feces can meet the requirements of harmless sanitary standards, and the organic fertilizer production line is a kind. The chicken and pig manure are used as the main raw materials, and a certain amount of nitrogen fertilizer, phosphate fertilizer, potassium fertilizer, magnesium sulfate, ferrous sulfate and the like are added, and the rice bran, yeast, soybean meal and sugar are fermented for a certain period of time as biological bacteria, and the mixed fertilizer is used to prepare the biological fertilizer. device of.

Cow manure organic fertilizer production line process

The organic fertilizer production line project has a short construction period, high output return profit, low market risk, short payback period, and large market potential. Generally, the investment can be recovered in one year and the profit will be generated in the same year. The organic fertilizer production line generally includes: raw material selection→dry sterilization→mixing of ingredients→granulation→cooling screening→metering sealing→finished product storage.

The complicated process of producing cow dung organic fertilizer is as follows: after the organic fertilizer raw material is fermented, it is pulverized into a semi-wet material pulverizer, and then elements such as NPK are added to make the mineral elements meet the required standard, and then stirred by a mixer. Then enter the granulation mechanism granules, dry them out, sift through the sifting machine, package the qualified products, and return to the granulator for granulation.