How does the disc granulator for fertilizer work efficiently?

Disc granulator working principle:
The disc granulator is mainly composed of an angled disc and a base. During the granulation process, the disc granulator has a mixture of mixed materials, and is sent to the top of the disc by a conveyor to be continuously and quantitatively added. In the disc granulator disc, the material in the disc is adhered by the adhesive of the spray and wrapped into granules. Large particles float above and continuously flow from below the disc granulator, while small particles continue to grow with the newly added material.

Disc granulator notes:
1. The disc granulator should be running in the forward direction to avoid reverse rotation.
2, the disc granulator should not operate the empty machine, must be fed by the hot machine, so as to avoid the phenomenon of holding the shaft.
3, the feed port of the disc granulator, it is strictly prohibited to enter the iron and other debris in the vent hole. In order to avoid accidents and affect production.

The scope of application of disc granulator:
The disc granulator is granulated with bio-organic fertilizer using grass charcoal, sludge, chicken manure, livestock manure, lignite, straw fermentation, etc., and the disc granulator can also be used for corn flour, bean powder, grass powder, etc. Production of mixed feed granulation. The disc granulator is a relatively advanced compound fertilizer granulation equipment in China.

How does the disc granulator work efficiently?
1, pay attention to the temperature change of the disc granulator body.
2, when the bearing parts of the reducer are burned, or accompanied by noise, the disc granulator should be repaired in time, and refueling should be added.
3. When the disc granulator is working normally, the bearing chamber is added with butter once every 5-6 days.
4. When the body of the disc granulator is unstable, it should be checked whether the gap of the coupling is too tight, and it should be loosened in time.