How does the GATE Organic fertilizer Fermentation tank work?

Preface of GATE Organic fertilizer Fermentation tank :

Today, this article is a detailed description of how the Organic fertilizer Fermentation tank at our GATE facility works, and I hope to help people in our Organic fertilizer Fermentation tank.

Technical Parameters of GATE Organic fertilizer Fermentation tank:

Model Processing capacity Output Equipment size Total fermenter capacity Hopper capacity Power
GTF-30F 5-6t 1-2t 5.0*6.0*8.7m 36m³ 1m³ 2.2kw
GTF-50F 6-8t 1.5-2t 5.5*6.0*8.7m 56m³ 1m³ 2.2kw
GTF-80F 7-9t 2-3t 7.0*8.0*8.7m 86m³ 1.5m³ 2.2kw
GTF-100F 8-12t 2.5-4t 7.0*8.0*9.4m 100m³ 1.5m³ 5.5kw

Working principle of GATE Organic fertilizer Fermentation tank:

First, the forklift puts the material to be fermented into the feeding lifting bucket, and takes the material into theOrganic fertilizer Fermentation tank through the power lifting device. At the same time as the material is put into place, the hydraulic pumping station is started, and the ratchet wheel is driven by the hydraulic cylinder to drive the spindle. Start stirring. At the same time, the spiral blade on the mixing shaft of the Organic fertilizer Fermentation tank is turned over with the animal material to make the material fully contact with the air. At the same time of stirring, the high-pressure Roots blower continuously uses the high pressure to drive in the air and begins to enter the aerobic fermentation stage.

Secondly, the external chemical heating blanket and the upper heating system are controlled by the electric box to start heating the tank of the Organic fertilizer Fermentation tank, and the temperature of the tank is regulated by the temperature sensor while heating, and the temperature of the Organic fertilizer Fermentation tank is controlled. Control the optimal state required for fermentation. After the fermentation of the material, the tank of the Organic fertilizer Fermentation tank is discharged through the screw delivery outlet for the next processing.

Finally, the Organic fertilizer Fermentation tank is equipped with an exhaust gas treatment system to deodorize and deodorize the harmful gases generated during the fermentation process. This makes the equipment more environmentally friendly.

Advantage of GATE Organic fertilizer Fermentation tank:

1. Compared with traditional fermentation equipment, Organic fertilizer Fermentation tank adopts vertical tank fermentation, which saves the land occupation area to a considerable extent;
2.Organic fertilizer Fermentation tank also adopts vertical electric heating device, intelligent electrical control to ensure constant temperature fermentation, and completely solve the seasonal limitation of traditional fermentation equipment;
3. Intelligent electrical control, constant temperature fermentation, shortening the fermentation cycle from the traditional 15 days to about 7 days, greatly improving the fermentation efficiency;
4.Organic fertilizer Fermentation tank adopts closed-type constant temperature fermentation to completely solve the problem of irritating odor volatilization and protect the environment from odor pollution;
5.Organic fertilizer Fermentation tank is equipped with a fully automatic intelligent electrical control system to reduce manual operation and ensure safety and reliability.