How to choose organic fertilizer granulator according to customer’s own requirements?

Preface for how to choose organic fertilizer granulator:

Organic fertilizer granulation is the most important part of the organic fertilizer production line, which determines the phase of organic fertilizer granules. The quality of granulation determines the yield , and  it also directly affects the price of the product. So let me tell you about how organic fertilizer manufacturers can choose the organic fertilizer granulator that suits them.

At present, the main organic fertilizer granulators mainly include the Stirring Tooth Fertilizer granulator, the Rotary Drum Fertilizer Granulator, the Disc Type Fertilizer Granulator, the Fertilizer Double Roller press Granulator, the Flat Die Fertilizer Granulator .

1. Stirring Tooth Fertilizer granulator:

The principle of the Stirring Tooth Fertilizer granulator is to use the mechanical stirring force of high-speed rotation and the aerodynamic force generated thereby to continuously mix, granulate, spheroidize and compact the fine powder material in the machine to achieve granulation. the goal of. The granulation method makes the granules of the granules have a higher sphericity rate and the granules are more beautiful, and the materials are not dried to save energy. It is the first choice for organic fertilizer granulation. The disadvantage of the Stirring Tooth Fertilizer granulator is that the NPK content should not exceed 15%, otherwise it will cause heat during granulation and affect granulation.

Stirring Tooth Fertilizer granulator

2. Rotary Drum Fertilizer Granulator:

The working principle of the Rotary Drum Fertilizer Granulator is as follows: the material enters the front end of the rotating cylinder from the feeding pipe (the inclination of the feeding pipe is greater than the natural inclination of the material). The steam inlet pipe provided at the front end of the cylinder sprays a certain pressure of water vapor. Since the inlet nozzle is located at the bottom of the material. And the steam has a certain pressure. Therefore, the material is more uniformly obtained to obtain some moisture and form smaller particles. Because the cylinder has a certain slope. These small particles continuously move in the circumferential and axial directions of the cylinder under the action of gravity and the friction of the lining. During the movement, the smaller particles gradually form a certain size of particles.

The Rotary Drum Fertilizer Granulator can produce various series of products such as inorganic compound fertilizer, organic fertilizer and organic (inorganic) compound fertilizer with nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium nutrients from 20 to 48%.

Rotary Drum Fertilizer Granulator

3. Disc Type Fertilizer Granulator:

The working principle of the Disc Type Fertilizer Granulator: the raw material powder is evenly stirred by pre-watering, and is input into the tray. As the disc rotates, the material gradually forms a spherical shape by rolling in the disc body, reaches a predetermined diameter, and then is discharged out of the disc, and then transported to the disc.

The advantage of the Disc Type Fertilizer Granulator is that the granulation efficiency is high. The granulation disc of the Disc Type Fertilizer Granulator adopts the overall arc structure, and the granulation rate can reach over 93%. The service life is long, the new dredging design, the clearing of the bottom by the unpowered scraper, and the clearing angle of the scraper With the unique treatment technology of the disc body, the dredging and balling effect is good. The bottom of the Disc Type Fertilizer Granulator is reinforced with a number of radiant steel plates, which are sturdy and durable, never deformed. Thickened and aggravated. The main gear of the Disc Type Fertilizer Granulator adopts high frequency quenching, and the service life is doubled. The Disc Type Fertilizer Granulator disk is lined with high-strength FRP, which is anti-corrosion and durable. It has the characteristics of high granulation rate, stable operation, sturdy and durable equipment and long service life. It is the ideal equipment for the majority of users. A disadvantage of the Disc Type Fertilizer Granulator is the need for a skilled granulator.

4. Fertilizer Double Roller press Granulator:

The working principle of the Fertilizer Double Roller press Granulator is that the belt and the pulley are driven by the motor, transmitted to the drive shaft through the reducer, and synchronized by the split gear and the passive shaft to work in opposite directions. The material is added from the feeding hopper, extruded by a pair of rolls, demolded and pelletized, and conveyed to a crushing sieve working chamber through a chain, sieved and separated into finished particles (balls), and then returned to the new material. Then granulation is carried out. As the motor continues to rotate and the material continues to enter, mass production can be achieved. The shape and size of the ball socket on the roll of the Fertilizer Double Roller press Granulator can be viewed by users. There are a wide range of choices. The shape of the ball has a pillow shape, a semi-circular shape, a rod shape, a pill shape, a walnut shape, and a flat shape. Spherical and square shapes. At present, the shape of a flat ball is used.

The advantage of the Fertilizer Double Roller press Granulator is that it has less investment and quicker effect. The Fertilizer Double Roller press Granulator has no drying process, granulation at room temperature, one molding, less investment, quick effect and good economic benefit. Reliable operation, Chen is low. The fertilizer on the Fertilizer Double Roller press Granulator has small power and reliable operation, no three waste discharge, stable operation and convenient maintenance. The fertilizer has a wide applicability to the raw materials of the Fertilizer Double Roller press Granulator. The disadvantage is that the material moisture requirement is below 15%, otherwise it will easily stick to the wall.

5. Flat Die Fertilizer Granulator:

The advantage of the Flat Die Fertilizer Granulator is that the surface of the granular material processed by the machine is smooth, moderate in hardness, low in temperature during processing, and can better maintain various nutrients in the raw material. The fertilizer produced by the Flat Die Fertilizer Granulator has low moisture content and is easy to store. It can maintain its original state in water for a long time and greatly improve the utilization rate of materials. The Flat Die Fertilizer Granulator adopts a central pressure regulating structure to adapt to different materials and ensure the pressing effect. Compression molding of wood chips, corn stover, etc. requires a lot of pressure. This model press roller uses a diagonal wheel. The two ends are consistent with the linear velocity of the inner and outer rings of the die plate, and the misalignment friction between the wheel and the die does not occur, the resistance is reduced, the kinetic energy loss is reduced, and the service life of the die is prolonged. The disadvantage is that the Flat Die Fertilizer Granulator produces a high density of particles, which is not easily melted and absorbed in the ground.

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