How to do the maintenance of the roll granulator in different seasons?

Working principle of double-roll extrusion granulator:

The raw materials enter the pit roll from the hopper of the pit roll granulator, and the cake-shaped material connected with the particles is rolled. The cake-shaped material enters the pulverizing device for pulverization. The pulverized mixture is filtered by a screen and then discharged. Discharge. The reducer and motor of the roller extruder granulator are driven by a flexible belt, which ensures smooth starting, reduces the impact force, and improves the service life of the roller granulator. Gate’s roll granulator is strong, easy to operate and runs smoothly.

How to maintain the roll granulator?

1. The cooling of the gear box of the fertilizer granulator should use clean tap water to prevent the cooling pipe of the cooler from being blocked, which will cause the temperature of the lubricating oil to rise and affect the gear box lubrication effect.
2. For the roll granulator, pay attention to the gear box’s working conditions, such as noise, vibration, and temperature rise. If abnormal conditions are found, they should be handled in time.
3. Most of the roller granulators are made of steel. In winter, they should be coated with anti-rust paint and stored in a dry place.
4. When the rubber parts of the roller extrusion granulator are wet or stained with oil, they will age and crack, reducing the service life. So protect the rubber parts.

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