How to Reasonably Solve the Organic Fertilizer Problem in Large Cattle Farm

What harm will feces from cattle farms cause?

1. Soil problems. Excessive excrement can endanger the quality of crops, soil, surface water and groundwater. Fresh poultry excrement usually contains high concentrations of nitrogen that can burn crops.

2.Atmospheric pollution. Organic substances in livestock and poultry manure and urine can be roughly divided into carbohydrates.

And nitrogenous compounds, in the absence of oxygen will produce a large number of harmful gases

3. Water pollution, too much cow dung penetrates into groundwater, which will result in pollution beyond the natural purification capacity of the water body.

4. Bovine body damage, too much cow dung produced without timely treatment will produce bacterial damage to cattle themselves.

How to deal with excessive excrement from cattle farms

1. First of all, what we need to do is to collect cow dung together and pretreat it by a cow dung dehydrator. Too much water produces a lot of harmful substances.

2. Then, We need to collect cow dung again for composting and aerobic fermentation through composting equipment.

3.Finally, cow manure can be converted into organic fertilizer particles through a complete organic fertilizer production line.

What Benefits Can Organic Fertilizer Production Line Bring

Organic fertilizer production line has the advantages of less investment and quick return. An organic fertilizer production line can not only meet the needs of local fertilizers, but also meet the needs of the surrounding market. Bioorganic fertilizer is widely used in farmland, fruit trees, flowers, landscaping, high-grade lawn, soil improvement and other fields, with good results.

What equipment combination does a complete production line consist of?

Organic fertilizer production line is mainly divided into pre-treatment part and granulation production part.
1. The pre-treatment part is fermentation stacker, organic fertilizer crusher, drum screening machine and other equipment
2. The granulation production includes mixer, organic fertilizer granulator, rotary dryer, cooler, drum sifter, coating machine and automatic weighing and packing machine.