How to solve the failure of organic fertilizer dryer?

Organic fertilizer equipment After the production of organic fertilizer, the dryer is to prevent the loss of organic fertilizer nutrients, it is necessary to dry the organic fertilizer to some extent, for the drying of organic fertilizer, this dryer is indispensable. In order to make the drying process smoothly, it does not affect the production efficiency of organic fertilizer. It is very necessary to know how to solve the failure of the organic fertilizer dryer.

1. Pay special attention to air filters and hoses when checking organic fertilizer dryers. Because the blocked filter or the flattened hose will reduce the airflow, thus affecting the operation of the dryer; the damaged dryer filter will contaminate the desiccant and inhibit its ability to absorb moisture; these problems will lead to the dryer problem appear.

2. In the organic fertilizer dryer, the drying temperature should be checked at the entrance of the silo at this time in order to compensate for the heat loss of the dryer in the hose. In addition, it is important to monitor the drying temperature throughout the drying process of the organic fertilizer dryer and to observe temperature fluctuations during desiccant replacement.

3. If the material does not get properly dried after it has come out of the dryer, check that the dry silo has enough space to provide adequate and effective drying time. If the residence time of the granules in the dryer silo is insufficient, proper drying is not obtained. Therefore, attention should be paid to the size and shape of the pellets or crushed materials, which affect the bulk density and residence time of the dryer in the dryer.