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Composting is an organic fertilizer made from the remains and excretions of animals and plants containing fertilizer components, mixed with soil and minerals, and fermented and decomposed by microorganisms under high temperature and humidity conditions. Composting is an ancient fertilizer. To make compost, you must first collect appropriate materials, such as straw, stems, weeds, fallen leaves, or livestock manure, and then mix them properly and add appropriate amount of calcium cyanamide. It is fermented and then covered with a mat, rag, straw or plastic cloth to avoid loss of fat.

compost turner machine
Organic fertilizer composting processing plants are indispensable in the production of organic fertilizer production lines and bio-organic fertilizer production lines. Composting ferment converts livestock and poultry manure waste into bio-organic fertilizer. It not only creates economic value for fertilizer companies, but also solves environmental pollution problems. It has good application value in the livestock manure organic fertilizer production line, such as pig manure, cow manure organic fertilizer production line.

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High-quality organic fertilizer composting fermentation generally takes 45 to 60 days. In the early stages of composting, elevated temperatures and high temperatures such as pathogens, eggs and grass seeds kill harmful microorganisms. In the later stage, microorganisms begin to produce humus to organic matter and produce a large number of microorganisms. The number of metabolites that are beneficial to plant growth and absorption. Composting can achieve three purposes, harmless; humification; a large number of microbial metabolites, such as antibiotics, proteins and so on.

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