Process and characteristics of dry granulation for roller granulator

The non-drying extrusion granulation technology of the roller granulator has a wide range of USES in the processing of organic fertilizer particles, the characteristics of the roller granulator is that there is no need to humidify the material, no need to heat, it can directly process the material particles.The roller granulator can be used for the processing of organic and inorganic fertilizer particles, as well as the processing of feed particles.

Parameters of roller granulator

Model Power




Rotate Speed


Roller Size


Granule Diameter


Dimension(mm) Granulating Ratio
GTZR-1.0 11 0.8-1 1450 Φ150*220 Φ2.5-Φ10 1200*700*1000 >95%
GTZR-1.5 15 1-1.5 1450 Φ150*300 Φ2.5-Φ10 1300*800*1100 >95%
GTZR-2.0 22 2-3 1450 Φ168*300 Φ2.5-Φ10 1550*890*1150 >95%
GTZR-3.0 30 3-4.5 1450 Φ300*300 Φ2.5-Φ10 1900*1050*1200 >95%

Five technological stages of producing organic fertilizer by roller granulator

1. Add the prepared raw materials to the blender and mix them evenly according to the matching requirements.
2. Transport to the pelletizing roller, and remove the metallic substances in the material in the transport process.
3, the roller granulator material evenly into the extrusion granulator, the material is forced through the roller granulator between the two pressure rollers and be squeezed into thin slices, thin slices by the roller granulator pressure roller crushing machine broken into pieces after screening.
4. Transfer semi-finished products to the finished product screening machine.
5, the roll granulator manufacturing qualified products are screened, sent to the automatic packaging scale weighing, packaging, storage.

Advantages of the roller granulator

1, the roller granulator extrusion granulation does not need to heat and humidify the material, both saving investment and energy.
2, the roller granulator process is short, easy to operate, easy to achieve automatic control of production, improve production efficiency.
3. The roller granulator has no special requirements on the properties and particle size distribution of raw materials, so the raw materials come from a wide range of sources.
4, the production is more flexible, can change the product scheme at any time, the roller granulator is conducive to small batch production of special fertilizer.
5, the roller granulator product particle size distribution evenly, will not produce segregation, will not agglomerate.