Processing Technology of Organic Fertilizer with Small Organic Fertilizer Equipment

Application Prospect of Small Organic Fertilizer Equipment

In recent years, the pioneers are optimistic about organic fertilizer processing, green agriculture and ecological agriculture, and invest in organic fertilizer production line equipment to process organic fertilizer. Regardless of the purpose, organic fertilizer equipment will bring benefits and honor to these enterprises. Many aquaculture enterprises have chosen small and medium-sized organic fertilizer equipment and production line technology of small and medium-sized organic fertilizer.

Reasons for Choosing Small Organic Fertilizer Equipment

There is no doubt that the organic fertilizer equipment in the process of small-scale organic fertilizer production line is a small-scale organic fertilizer equipment with small output. For aquaculture enterprises, this kind of small and medium-sized organic fertilizer equipment is more popular. The reasons are: small investment, fast recovery cost, quick benefit, less manpower investment, small occupation area and so on. Although the equipment is small, the performance of the equipment is as outstanding as that of large-scale equipment.

Process Flow of Small Organic Fertilizer Equipment

Whether large-scale or small-scale organic fertilizer equipment, they need to achieve full fermentation and maturation of organic fertilizer materials. This determines that organic fertilizer raw materials such as pig manure, chicken manure, cow manure, straw, fruit residue, distiller’s grains, fungus residue or feed residue of feed factories need to be fully fermented and dumped in fermentation tanks or fermentation tanks in the process of organic fertilizer formation. Then, its craft comes.

Process Specific Flow of Small Organic Fertilizer Equipment

1. In the early stage of technology, the fermentation and turning of organic fertilizer. Must be used equipment fermentation dumper or fermentation dumper, the early stage of the process need to pay attention to repeated dumps, full maturity, to achieve pest control, weeding and other functions.

2. The second stage of technology is grinding and screening, which is processed into powdered organic fertilizer. As long as the granularity of grinding is set up in the crusher of organic fertilizer material, the powdered fertilizer can be sifted into uniform granularity.

3. The third stage of technology, granulation and drying. After crushing and mixing, the powdered organic fertilizer is fed into the organic fertilizer granulator through the conveyor for granulation, which is then fed to the dryer cooler for drying, and then fed to the sifter for particle classification.