suppliers of High productivity drum granulator for fertilizer company

Rotary granulator is a kind of granulating equipment widely used in the production of compound fertilizer, organic fertilizer, raw fertilizer, controlled release fertilizer and so on. We are the manufacturer of rotary granulator for compound fertilizer. The rotary granulator for compound fertilizer is suitable for large-scale production of cold, hot granulator and high, medium and low concentration compound fertilizer. The barrel of the rotary granulator adopts special rubber plate lining or acid-resistant stainless steel lining, which realizes automatic scar removal and tumour removal, and eliminates the traditional device.

Technical parameters of compound fertilizer drum granulator

Model Power








Rotary Speed




GTZL1240 5.5 1200 4000 2-5 17 1-3
GTZL1540 7.5 1500 4000 2-5 14 3-5
GTZL1560 11 1500 6000 2-5 11.5 5-7
GTZL1870 15 1800 7000 2-5 11.5 7-9
GTZL2080 18.5 2000 8000 2-5 11 8-12
GTZL2280 22 2200 8000 2-5 10 10-15

What technology breakthrough does the drum granulator have?
1, drum granulator investment less, but the production of fertilizer quickly, good economic benefits, and drum granulator reliable performance
2, drum drum granulator without three waste emissions, stable operation, easy maintenance, reasonable process layout, drum drum granulator technology advanced, low production cost
3, drum granulator pelletizing high strength, good appearance quality, drum granulator corrosion resistance, wear resistance, low energy consumption
4, the barrel body USES special rubber board lining or acid-resistant stainless steel lining, drum granulator corrosion resistance, can automatically remove the scar

How to install a test drive for the drum granulator?
1. The drum granulator should be installed on a horizontal concrete foundation, and the drum granulator is fixed by anchor bolts.
2. When installing the drum granulator, pay attention to the verticality of the main body and the horizontal
3. After installation, check whether the bolts in all parts are loose and the main door is tight. If so, tighten it.
4. Configure the power cord and control switch according to the power of the drum granulator.
5. After the inspection is completed, the empty load test is carried out, and the normal drum drum granulator can be used for production.