What are the advantages of BB fertilizer mixing machine ?

BB fertilizer mixer is BB fertilizer processing equipment, referred to as blending fertilizer mixer, BB fertilizer mixing equipment adopts positive and negative operation, through the special internal screw mechanism and unique three-dimensional structure for material mixing and output. The fertilizer made by the BB fertilizer mixer can be stacked for a long time and sent directly to the field. What are the advantages of the BB fertilizer mixer?

1. BB fertilizer mixer can save costs
Due to advanced technology and reasonable structure, the BB fertilizer mixer system not only has low power (less than 12KW), but also low energy consumption (0.3-0.5 kW), and the BB fertilizer mixer can save manpower and reduce production costs.

2. BB Fertilizer Mixer Technology Advanced

Fully automatic BB fertilizer mixer is a product developed by Henan Gate Plant. It solves the problem of mixture diversion caused by the proportion of raw materials in common equipment, improves the accuracy of batching, and reduces the problem of easy deliquescence in BB fertilizer production. BB fertilizer mixer system control instruments and execution program components all use high-performance products to solve the impact of material characteristics, mechanical vibration, air pressure, voltage fluctuations, cold weather and other factors on the system, with high accuracy, fast speed, long service life and
so on.

3. Reasonable technology of BB fertilizer mixer
The BB fertilizer mixer system integrates ingredients, mixing and packaging. The BB fertilizer mixer can realize any range of ingredients and packaging from 20kg to 50kg.BB fertilizer agitator overcomes the separation phenomenon of mixture in the process of downward flow due to different material proportion and particle size, and improves the accuracy of batching and packaging.Reduce the content loss of BB fertilizer (when using other equipment to produce, generally add 0.5 content, after using this product will not increase the content, therefore, each ton can save about 20 yuan.)BB fertilizer mixer can realize automatic mixing and mixing of two to eight different materials.