What are the highlights of horizontal fertilizer mixer?

What does a horizontal fertilizer mixer do?

Horizontal fertilizer mixer is a new generation of hybrid power plant in GATE. It is suitable for mixing feed, concentrated feed and premix additives. Horizontal fertilizer mixer uses a new type of rotor structure, the minimum clearance between the rotor and the shell can be adjusted to zero, effectively reducing material residues; Horizontal fertilizer mixer uses a refueling channel, the overall structure is more reasonable, beautiful appearance, easy operation and maintenance.

 horizontal fertilizer mixer

Technical parameters of horizontal fertilizer mixer

Model Production capacity(t/h) Power(kw)
GT600×1200 2-3 5.5
GT700×1500 3-5 7.5
GT900×1500 4-8 11
GT1000×2000 8-10 15

What are the highlights of horizontal fertilizer mixer?

1. Horizontal fertilizer mixer adopts a new type of rotor structure. The minimum clearance between rotor and shell can be adjusted to near zero, which effectively reduces the residue of materials for sale in fertilizer mixer.
2. Horizontal fertilizer mixer uses stainless steel spiral blade and hard steel blade, durable, good wear resistance.
3. Horizontal mixer has high mixing efficiency, can fully mix materials and improve mixing uniformity.
4. Low energy consumption, low noise, stable performance, easy operation and dimension.

Working Principle of Fertilizer Horizontal Mixer

When the principle enters the horizontal fertilizer mixer, the spiral stirring blade welded on the spindle rotates synchronously. The mixing material is mixed uniformly in the horizontal mixer. After mixing for a period of time, the material is fully mixed, and the material will flow out of the outlet and be transported to the fertilizer granulator.