What are the problems of small organic fertilizer equipment factories in marketing?

Small-scale organic fertilizer equipment manufacturers have a backward production concept and have not formed an order-oriented production operation concept. The production statistics and analysis system is not complete, and it is difficult to effectively evaluate the status of the production system of organic fertilizer equipment manufacturers. The production mode results in a large intermediate work in process, which occupies a large amount of capital and production space. The trial production of organic fertilizer equipment samples is not standardized, which leads to a waste of production time.

Problems that small organic fertilizer equipment factories tend to ignore:

1. Organic fertilizer equipment factories will only fight the price war, not the value war. Many small organic fertilizer equipment manufacturers do not have obvious advantages themselves, so they like to develop low-end customers. Put price considerations before quality. Therefore, suppliers are forced to reduce costs and put quality second, which hurts the value of the product to a certain extent.
2. Organic fertilizer equipment factory only sells products, not ideas. The current situation in the organic fertilizer equipment market is that the salesman only knows that the product is sold at random, and it does not matter who it is sold to, or the actual thinking of the customer. This will cause the reputation of organic fertilizer equipment factories to decline, and it will become increasingly difficult to establish a foothold.

3. Organic fertilizer equipment factory only deals with transaction marketing, not relationship marketing. The essential characteristics of industrial products determine the complexity in the marketing process of industrial products. Customers not only want to do one-time sales, but also need to maintain a long-term stable relationship with organic fertilizer equipment manufacturers to obtain information and make decisions at any time. However, the current status of organic fertilizer equipment manufacturers is only focusing on pre-sales services and not paying attention to after-sales follow-up; products are desperately pulling relationships before the products are sold, and the transaction is basically completed, which cannot be regarded as true relationship marketing.