What conditions should be met to build a small organic fertilizer production line?

Preface for organic fertilizer production line:

The powdered organic fertilizer equipment production line is a component of the granular organic fertilizer production line, today we will elaborate on the small organic fertilizer production line process with the granular organic fertilizer production line. Then, the process of powdered organic fertilizer production line is complete.

organic fertilizer in chicken manure organic fertilizer production line

The steps of organic fertilizer production lines:

According to the process stage, the granular organic fertilizer production line process is divided into 1 crushing process; 2 fermentation process; 3 stirring mixing process; 4 granulation process; 5 drying process; 6 screening process; 7 coating process; The process of the powdery organic fertilizer production lines includes the above-mentioned 1 pulverization process; 2 fermentation process; 8 packaging process.

Organic fertilizer production line

What conditions do you need to build a small organic fertilizer equipment production line?

1. The construction of small organic fertilizer production lines must comply with the requirements of environmental protection policies. For environmental protection, it is not only the wishes of the people, but also the policy requirements for the development of agriculture and animal husbandry for environmental protection;

2. Source of raw materials, the radius of the source of raw materials, determine the location of your organic fertilizer production line plant and site investment, transportation investment, etc.;

3. The types and types of raw materials are determined by the use of organic fertilizer machines used in each process stage, which affects the investment price of equipment;

organic fertilizer production line

4. Production scale, small organic fertilizer production line from 3,000 tons to 20,000 tons of production, determines the capacity requirements of the equipment, thus affecting the price;

5. Recycling of resources mainly relies on the recycling of various agricultural wastes, such as fuel and electric energy raw materials, and the generated biogas residue as raw material for organic fertilizer;

6. Other uses of the small organic fertilizer production line process, can be used as feed;

7. Construction site: It is necessary to determine the production site size and site size investment according to the planned production scale.