2020 GATE disc fertilizer granulator launched

Henan Gate Heavy Industry Technology Co., Ltd. is mainly engaged in the research and development, manufacturing and sales of organic fertilizer equipment. The factory is located 500 meters north of Xinzhuang Village, Xieqiying Town, Wusong County, Jiaozuo City, Henan Province. It covers an area of ​​136 acres and has a standardized heavy industrial plant of 60,000 square meters. In 2020, we focused on the development and improvement of the performance of the disc granulator, which has made a qualitative leap in all aspects. Today, the disc granulator manufacturer of Gate is introduced our disc granulator briefly.

What are the advantages of the Gate Disc Granulator?

1.The disc granulator has novel structure, light weight, low height, and flexible and convenient process layout.
2. The disc granulator is easy to adjust the inclination angle of the ball, and the granulation rate is high.
3. The pellets of the disc granulator are not pulled or torn when they come out of the disc;
4. The disc granulator has higher assembly accuracy and smoother operation, and the appearance is sprayed with porcelain paint.
5. The scraper device of the disc granulator can clean the bottom and the edge, and use it with the optimized ball forming disc to make the ball effect better.


What benefits can the disc granulator bring to the livestock industry?

1. The disc granulator uses poultry and manure as raw materials, and uses a series of procedures to make animal manure into organic fertilizer granules.
2. The disc granulator turns waste into treasure, eliminating the environmental pollution caused by manure in the farm
3. The disc granulator helped the farmers to open up a new way to get rich, which could not only solve the original pollution problem, but also sell the produced organic fertilizer, achieving double profits.