How to maintain the organic fertilizer disc granulator?

As we all know, organic fertilizer has always occupied an important position in agriculture, so disc granulators come in handy. Many people do not understand the uses and characteristics of organic fertilizer disc granulators. In fact, organic fertilizer disc granulation The machine breaks through the conventional granulation process, and the direct granulation can process spherical granules, which can save a lot of energy. The disc granulator has a wide range of applications, and is especially suitable for granulation of light fine powder materials. The finer the basic particles,
the higher the sphericity of the particles and the better the sphericity.

Advantages of the Gate disc granulator:

1.The granules produced by the disc granulator are spherical.
2.The content of organic fertilizer produced by the disc granulator can be as high as 100%.
3.Using the characteristics that fertilizer particles can be embedded in each other under a certain force, there is no need to add a binder when granulating.
4.The granules produced by the disc granulator are solid, and can be sieved after granulation to reduce the energy consumption of drying.
5.The organic matter after fermentation does not need to be dried, and the moisture content of the raw material can be 20-40%.

Maintenance of organic fertilizer granulator:

1. Lubricate the organic fertilizer disc granulator. The life and operating rate of organic fertilizer disc granulators are closely related to lubrication, so the lubricating oil injected must be clean and the seal must be good.
2. Check the components of the organic fertilizer disc granulator. Pay attention to check the wear degree of the easy-wearing parts, and pay attention to replacing the worn parts of the disc granulator at any time. The plane of the bottom frame of the movable device should be removed to prevent serious accidents.
3. Check the rotating gear of the disc granulator. The rotating gear of the organic fertilizer disc granulator should stop immediately if there is an impact sound during operation. Check that the organic fertilizer produced by the disc granulator can provide a balanced growth of crops.