Role of compost turner in fertilizer production

First,compost turner improve the permeability of the raw material pile.Overturning system can treat the material into small lumps, so that the thick and dense material pile becomes fluffy and elastic, forming suitable porosity

Second,compost turner adjust the temperature of the raw material heap.In the operation of turning over the pile machine, the raw material pellet fully contacts and mixes with the air, and a large amount of fresh air can be stored in the pile, which contributes to the active generation of fermentation heat by aerobic microorganisms, and the pile temperature rises;When the temperature is high, the addition of fresh air can bring the reactor temperature down.Form the state of medium temperature – high temperature – medium temperature – high temperature alternation, all kinds of beneficial microorganisms grow and reproduce in the temperature section that they adapt to.

Three, compost turner adjust the moisture of the raw material pile.The suitable moisture content of raw material fermentation is about 55%, and the moisture standard of finished organic fertilizer is less than 20%.

In fermentation, biochemical reaction will generate new water, microbial consumption of raw materials will also cause water to lose the carrier and free.Therefore, with the fertilizer process to reduce water in a timely manner, in addition to evaporation by heat conduction, the tilting of the feedstock will form forced water vapor emission.