Sheep manure organic fertilizer production line process flow

 The first procedure of sheep manure organic fertilizer production line:

Blend sheep manure with an appropriate amount of straw powder, and the amount of mixing depends on the water content of sheep manure. Generally, fermentation requires 45% water content, that is, knead your hands into a ball, and the water can be seen between your fingers, but it doesn’t drip.Corn flour and strains are then added. Corn flour is used to increase sugar, which can be used to promote rapid fermentation of strains.

The second procedure of sheep manure organic fertilizer production line:

Add the configured material into the material mixer for mixing and stirring, and the mixing is required to be uniform and transparent, and not leave any raw pieces.

The third procedure of sheep manure organic fertilizer production line:

You can choose to use the trunk-type stacking machine or the crawler stacking machine.Pile the mixed materials in a fermenting pond or fermenting tank with a width of 2 to 6 meters and a height of 1.0 to 1.5 meters, and turn and toss them repeatedly with a stacker every other day.

The fourth procedure of sheep manure organic fertilizer production line:

You can choose to use organic fermenter equipment.Under normal circumstances, in the fermentation tank, stacked 2 days will rise in temperature, stacked 4 days will be no smell, stacked 7 days will become fluffy and loose, stacked 9 days compost will give off fragrance, 10-15 days can become fertilizer.

4.1. In the fermentation tank for 2 days, the temperature will rise to 60℃ to 80℃, which will sterilize and eliminate pests.

4.2 In the fermentation tank for the fourth day, eliminate the odor;Then on the seventh day, the material in the tank becomes loose, dry, and covered with white mycelium.

4.3. Fermented in the tank for the ninth day, it will emit a fragrance, which is almost the same as the aroma of Jiuqu.

4.4. Fermented in the tank to the tenth day, the material will be ripe and full of fermentation.

4.5. Represents the end of fermentation stage, and the material can be removed to the next process with forklift.

The fifth procedure of sheep manure organic fertilizer production line:

Forklift move to the grinding process of the material, after half wet, high wet material crusher for crushing, mixer mixing, and then mixed with fertilizer granulator, conveyor to the machine for granulation, made from grain, sent by belt conveyor dryer, drying and dry, again into the cooling machine cooling, and then conveyor to the sieving machine for screening, will meet the requirements of more than 95% of the particles into next working procedure, and about 5% of the particles can be transported to the crusher crushing granulation, again again and standard particles into the coating machine for coating, coating can keep nutrient, after coating is automatic packaging machine for packaging.In this way, sheep manure organic fertilizer processing and packaging completed, can be stored for sale.