What does the method that distinguishes organic fertilizer true and false have?

You must be careful when buying organic fertilizer to buy, buy a good organic fertilizer on their crops light nothing useful as no fertilization, or it will affect the growth of organic manure, so, for everybody to avoid cheated, today give you summarize what methods to identify true and false organic fertilizer?

First: you can smell the smell of organic fertilizer

Carefully smell whether the fertilizer has ammonia taste, excrement taste or silt taste, generally speaking, high quality organic fertilizer due to thorough decay has a special sour flavor.

Second: you can use the hand twist a twist organic fertilizer

Take organic manure and roll it back and forth with your thumb and forefinger. If it hurts your hands, there are grains of sand or other impurities in it, which is likely to be inferior fertilizer.

Third: need to see the packaging of organic fertilizer

See whether the formal identification is available, there are company name, factory address, telephone, fertilizer registration certificate, expiration date, production date, certificate of qualification, etc.;See whether authorized production (generally authorized production is not their own factory, there is no source of raw materials).

In addition, foreign packaging as far as possible not to buy, because organic fertilizers are waste reuse, foreign imports are almost impossible.

Fourth, water solution method

The organic fertilizer dissolved in water after observation, inferior fertilizer distribution is uniform, more impurities, sink in the bottom;High – quality water – soluble fertilizer evenly distributed, color was maroon.

Fifth: you can carefully look at the color of organic fertilizer

High quality organic fertilizer after a long time of high temperature fermentation, the color should be dark brown to black;Poor quality is usually lighter in color.

If you do not understand the organic fertilizer can also consult customers, we will be eager to answer for you.