Organic fertilizer + biological fungus fertilizer + inorganic fertilizer, how to use the best effect?

Organic fertilizer, inorganic fertilizer, biological fertilizer is essential in the kind of crops when the fertilizer, the use of improper methods, often counterproductive, then, how to use the three kinds of fertilizer the best effect?Notes are as follows:

First, the method of fertilization

In the base fertilizer, because the nutrient in the organic fertilizer is mainly nitrogen, the nitrogen fertilizer with organic fertilizer can be applied less, available, 70% as top dressing, 30% as base fertilizer.Phosphorus and potash fertilizer can be used as base fertilizer, but due to poor mobility of phosphate fertilizer, the effect of later topdressing is poor, so phosphate fertilizer should be used as base fertilizer applied to the soil.

Main function is to provide nutrients and improve soil organic manure as basal application into the soil, combined with agriculture, soil and fertilizer fully blending, to achieve the purpose of improving soil, the soil can be used when the serious problem of sea elves biological stimulants, can better improve the soil environment, balanced nutrition, increase the soil granular structure, etc.

The topdressing fertilizer should mainly be fully soluble and quick-effect fertilizer, such as phosphorus and potassium source pool, which can be quickly absorbed by vegetables after decomposition and has little impact on the soil.

Biological fertilizer because of its small amount can be concentrated in the planting hole or with the bottom of the organic fertilizer.In the later stage, the same biological fertilizer can be applied for many times to expand the bacterial flora and improve the ability of phosphorus and potassium dissolution and disease prevention.

Second, the timing of fertilization

The general effect of organic fertilizer is relatively slow, need to be applied in advance, generally before planting or sowing one-time bottom application, the best before use of decomposing, later topdressing effect is not as obvious as base fertilizer.

Biological fertilizer can only play the role of bacteriostasis after a large number of propagation in the soil, so it should be applied early in the premise of planting, so that it has time to multiply and grow. It can be applied into the soil together with organic fertilizer, or it can be applied in holes during or before planting.

The effect of chemical fertilizer is relatively fast. When making base fertilizer, it should be applied about one week in advance. When applying top dressing, it should be applied before the critical period of crop nutrition or the peak of absorption nutrition to meet its needs.

Third, the amount of fertilizer

Different crops in different growth period, the amount of fertilizer needed is different, can not be applied more or less.Fertilization should be carried out according to the different proportion of fertilizer needed by crops. At the same time, attention should also be paid to the content of nutrient elements in the soil.It is best to carry out a soil test, according to the soil test formula fertilization recommendations.

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