Automatic Double Bucket Automatic Packaging Machine cost price

1.The Double Bucket Automatic Packaging Machine supplier for fertilizer features:

1 Using electrostatic spray production process

2 Independent suspension sensor, stable signal transmission, ensuring weighing accuracy

3 host adopts frequency conversion technology

4 host, conveyor belt, sewing machine, controller network, to ensure humanized operation, reduce labor intensity

5 Solve the similar products, the pneumatic card opens the material bag, and the powder spills and turns over the bag

6 Infrared sensing, servo cutting, more energy saving

7 class production, Nissan, cumulative output automatic storage


The use process of the packaging machine:

manual assisting the bag, automatic weighing, bagging, filling, automatic transfer or sewing through the conveyor belt.The Double Bucket Automatic Packaging Machine for fertilizer is called the Double Bucket Automatic Packaging Machine for sale by our company. The machine is mainly composed of four parts: automatic weighing device, conveying device, sewing device and computer control. The utility model has the advantages of reasonable structure, beautiful appearance, stable operation, energy saving, convenient operation and accurate weighing.


2. Double Bucket Automatic Packaging Machine manufacturers Advantages:

1. Use high stability, high precision load cell and weighing module; interface operation is simple and display is intuitive;

2, independent packaging weight input, weighing weight display window, display window with high-brightness LED display; menu operation is simple, intuitive and friendly; manual assistance on the bag (or barrel), pneumatic bag;

3, independent weighing system weighing, high weighing accuracy, fast speed, the load cell uses Toledo load cell;

4. Asynchronous motor control screw feeding, frequency converter speed regulation, large and small double helix speed measurement and cutting, high control precision;

5. The whole machine is stainless steel except motor, cylinder, electrical parts, pneumatic components and sewing machine.


The main machine of Double Bucket Automatic Packaging Machine adopts fast, medium and slow three-speed feeding and special feeding auger structure, advanced digital frequency conversion technology, sampling processing technology and anti-interference technology, and realizes automatic error compensation and correction.Suitable for quantitative packaging of powder and granular materials.


3, The working principle of Double Bucket Automatic Packaging Machine supplier for fertilizer:

When the Double Bucket Automatic Packaging Machine enters the automatic running state, the weighing control system opens the feeding door to start feeding, and the feeding device is a fast and slow feeding mode; when the material weight reaches the fast feeding setting value, the stop is fast Material, keep slow feeding; when the material weight reaches the final set value, close the feeding door and become a dynamic weighing process; at this time, the Double Bucket Automatic Packaging Machine detects whether the bagging device is in a predetermined state, when the packaging bag has been clamped, the system issues The control signal opens the weighing hopper discharge door, the material enters the packaging bag, and the material discharge automatically closes the discharge door of the weighing hopper; after the material is unloaded, the bag squeezing device is released, the packaging bag is automatically dropped; the packaging bag is sewed after being dropped Pack and transport to the lower station. This cycle runs automatically.