BB fertilizer mixer manufacture in China Manfacturer

BB fertilizer mixer manufacture in China

1.BB fertilizer mixer raw material dealing:various materials 2.BB fertilizer mixer application:organic fertilizer production line,compound fertilizer production line,chemical metallurgy, mining, building materials and other industries. 3.Capacity:2-10t/h 4.BB fertilizer mixer advantages:The mixing efficiency is high and the area is small.The spiral blade adopts high – wear special alloy;Adopts reducer transmission, which is stable and has low noise;It has reasonable structure;The joint surfaces are tightly sealed and run smoothly.

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BB fertilizer mixer for sale

Technical Parameter of BB fertilizer mixer:

Model Stirring speed Motor Power(KW) Capacity (t/h)
GTH-3 14.5 7.5 2-3
GTH-5 12.5 11 3-5
GTH-10 10.5 22 5-10

BB fertilizer mixer is the production of powdered formula fertilizer production equipment, it is possible to mix powdered particles of powder can be blended mix, it is divided into Simple, semi-automated and fully automated.

PLC control system of computer → Automatic proportional batching raw materials → Lifting by slope scraper → Mixing by roller → Mixed materials disposed into storage silos of weighing machine → Quantitative packaging (10-50kg/bag) → Conveying and sewing → Finished product pelletizing storage.