Caterpillar compost for organic fertilizer manufacturer

Caterpillar compost machine adopts the design of crawler walking forward, backward and turning, caterpillar compost machine control by a person driving, driving the vehicle straddles the advance piled strip base fertilizer, crawler pile machine by the rotation of the frame under the knife shaft turn left for fat feedstocks, fluffy and move the heap, after the car left the new bar pile pile.Crawler compost machines can be used in open outdoor areas or in greenhouses.

Application range of crawler composter
Crawler composting machine is suitable for aerobic fermentation and turning of organic wastes such as livestock and poultry manure, sludge waste, sugar plant sludge filter and straw sawdust.Widely used in organic fertilizer plant, compound fertilizer plant, sludge garbage plant, bisporus mushroom planting plant, etc.Straw, rice husk, etc. can be added to make organic fertilizer, and biological bacteria can be added. The deodorization and harmful bacteria can be achieved after 72 hours of even tossing by crawler composting machine.

The principle of crawler composter
Crawler dumper | crawler dumper in driving, the whole vehicle is mounted on the strip fat foundation which is piled first, and the rotary knife shaft mounted under the rack is used to turn, fluffy and transfer the fat base materials, and then the new strip pile is made after passing the vehicle.In the process of turning and throwing, the material is picked up by the high-speed rotating roller and moved backward for a certain distance. Therefore, in the process of turning and throwing, the crawler can disperse and crush the material and take away some moisture.

Product advantages of crawler composting machines
1. The crawler composting machine is reliable and easy to handle, and the site is highly adaptable. The crawler composting machine can be operated in an open outdoor open space or in a workshop greenhouse.
2. The crawler type composting machine does not need to build a trough, and the fertilizer can be stacked directly on the ground to form a strip shape. The crawler type composting machine periodically turns over and crushes the material, and decomposes the organic matter under the oxygen-consuming condition.
3. The crawler type composting machine adopts the design of the overall lifting of the frame, which can raise the height of the frame when the conversion work site and the turning height need to be changed.