Customer Visiting from Austria for 3 Tons Per Hour Organic Fertilizer Plant Line

Organic Development  in the World

Organic Fertilizer method is new recycling technology in the world. More and more people have paid attention to the environment and wanted to find ways to deal with the waste recycling. To work for this trend, Henan Gate Heavy Industry Technology Company Limited has put into more engineers and workers to organic fertilizer plant line design, organic fertilizer machines innovating and organic fertilizer technology generating. In recent years, we have developed bio organic fertilizer plant line in different capacity and different drawing, all these new designs have attracted many customers from the world.

Organic Fertilizer Market in Austria

As we all know, Austria has a large land for agriculture working. In this situation, some people want to start one new organic fertilizer production in their area to develop organic agriculture for farmers. Many Austria customers have sent inquiry to us to ask the organic fertilizer plant line design. In recent days, we have one customer who is interested to start one organic fertilizer factory in 3 tons per hour capacity. We have talked more for the organic fertilizer using and design for the bio organic fertilizer production line. With several times’ talking, we have reached one agreement for the organic fertilizer manufacturing plant and customer have decided to come to our factory to see the machines.

Customer’s Visiting for Organic  Fertilizer Plant Line

The day for customer visiting has come. We drive to airport to pick the customer to our factory. First of all, customer show his willing to see the machines he has chosen. We make one deep talking of the organic fertilizer machines in the store room. During the talking, customer has better know our different using on the organic fertilizer granulators, organic fertilizer mixers and other related organic fertilizer equipment. Full machines in store make customer confident to get the required machines in early time.

Organic Fertilizer Machine Manufacturing

Later we have been to our machine manufacturing room. Here customer has better learned about the steps for machine manufacturing, the materials using for organic fertilizer machines, the manufacturing for organic fertilizer machine spare parts. All the machines and spare parts will be from ourselves. We have full strength to support enough high quality fertilizer production plant for customers.

organic fertilizer production

Agreement for Organic  Fertilizer Plant Line

After viewing, customer has been sure to purchase our organic fertilizer machines. We have been to the meeting room to help customer deal with the factory design and make some small improvements on the plant line design. All the works has received high Appreciation from customer and customer has sighed contract with us for the 3 tons per hour capacity bio organic fertilizer manufacturing plant.

organic fertilizer factory

Henan Gate Heavy Industry Technology Company Limited has long experience in organic fertilizer production equipment and bio organic fertilizer manufacturing plant design. All the products are in high quality with suitable design. We welcome customer to visit our factory and talk with us for organic fertilizer technology in the factory.