Double shaft chain crusher for sale Manfacturer

Double shaft chain crusher for sale

1.Double shaft chain crusher raw material dealing:Bulk fertilizer and other medium hardness block materials. 2.Double shaft chain crusher application:compound fertilizer production line,Chemical industry, building materials, mining and other industries. 3.Capacity:8-15t/h 4.Double shaft chain crusher advantages:The inlet and outlet ports are designed reasonably, the broken materials are even, not easy to stick to the wall, easy to clean.

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Double shaft chain crusher for fertilizer


Technical Parameter of double shaft chain crusher:

model Capacity


rotation speed r/min Power


feeding size max.feeding moisture machine size
GTC-60M 8-10 1440 15*2 ≤80mm ≤14 1950*1250*950
GTC-80M 10-15 1440 22*2 ≤80mm ≤14 2150*1450*950


Double shaft chain crusher is not only used to crush lumps of compound fertilizer production,but also widely used in chemical,building materials, mining and other industries, using high intensity resistance MoCar bide chain plate.

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The main components of double shaft chain crusher includes a steel chain, the chain end with the rotor connected to the other end of the chain are safe chain wear head made of steel.Double shaft chain crusher belongs impact crusher, high-speed rotation of the chain of impact gob pulverized.


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In order to prevent sticking friction materials steel body, the body lined with rubber plate, provided on both sides of the body are quick opening door on the body, the actuator is mounted on a base made of steel, the lower part of the shock absorber base mounting and connected to the foundation.