Fertilizer disk granulator can solve the problem of crop straw pollution

Before disc granulator was widely used, crop straw treatment was a major problem that puzzled agricultural production in recent years. The effect of direct returning fertilizer was poor. Without high temperature sterilization and degradation of harmful substances, the use risk was high. The disc granulator can make straw into bio-organic fertilizer, which solves this big problem and avoids the problem of environmental pollution.

How does the disc granulator realize the transformation of straw into waste?
1. Smash the crop straw (such as corn stalk) with a pulverizer or cut it with a mower. The general length is 1-3 cm, then add water for fermentation.the disc granulator.
2. The straw after fermentation is added to the trace elements needed for the growth of the crop, and after mixing and stirring, it is sent to the disc granulator.
3. The disc granulator uses its own centripetal force to add water to granulate.

How to use a disk granulator?
1, before opening the disk granulator, check whether the reducer is filled with gear oil, whether the rotation direction of the disk is correct.
2. Press the start button of the disk granulator and the host machine will start. Observe whether the equipment is running normally, whether there is vibration and whether the rotation is stable.
3. After the disk granulator runs normally, it can add materials and water.
4, disk granulator packing can be according to requirements, adjust the Angle of the disk can make the size of the required particles.

Why use organic fertilizer?
1. Organic fertilizer produced by disc granulator can improve soil and fertility
2. Organic fertilizer produced by disc granulator can improve fertilizer utilization rate
3. Organic fertilizer produced by disc granulator can reduce environmental pollution