Function of Fecal Dehydrator in Cattle Manure Production Line

What is the solid-liquid separator in the organic fertilizer production line?

In the production line of cow manure organic fertilizer, there is a common mechanical equipment, namely, the dewatering machine of cow manure. It is a separator for separating precipitatable solids in liquids according to the principle of centrifugal separation. Because we use animal manure as the raw material for organic fertilizer production.But the humidity of raw materials is too high, which needs to be dewatered by solid-liquid separator. This principle can be used as organic fertilizer.

The Role of Solid-liquid Separator in Organic Fertilizer Production Line

The manure dewatering machine can separate the raw manure water of livestock and poultry into liquid organic fertilizer and solid organic fertilizer. Liquid organic fertilizer is directly used for crop application absorption, and solid organic fertilizer can be directly transported to the area of lack of fertilizer, and can also play a role in improving soil structure. At the same time, the organic compound fertilizer can be prepared through fermentation. This not only handles environmental pollution problems, but also recycles waste and saves environmental protection.

Characteristics of solid-liquid separators in organic fertilizer production lines

1. The solid-liquid separator slag liquid separation speed is fast, the separated slag moisture content is between 40-50%, the slag amount and water content can be adjusted, and the feed can be applied to different ingredients.
2. The series of solid-liquid separators have strong dirt resistance, no clogging and easy cleaning.
3. The screen and Snapdragon of this series of solid-liquid separators are made of nickel alloy steel and high-strength carbon steel, which are resistant to corrosion, high strength and long service life.
4 Solid-liquid separators are high in degree, low in power consumption and low in price. Easy to operate, just press the start and stop button to operate.

Working principle of solid-liquid separator in organic fertilizer production line
The livestock manure solid-liquid separator pumpes the manure water to the main machine through the non-blocking slurry pump, and pushes the manure water to the front of the main machine through the extruded spiral auger, and the moisture in the material is extruded under the action of the side pressure belt filter. When the drain pipe is discharged, the pressure in front of the main engine is continuously increased. When it is large to a certain extent, the discharge port is opened and the extrusion port is extruded to achieve the purpose of extrusion.