How to Eliminate Odor and Insect Eggs in Organic Fertilizer Production by Organic Fertilizer Equipment

What are the reasons for the removal of odor and pests by organic fertilizer equipment

Simply speaking, through the organic fertilizer dumper, dumper equipment, to promote fermentation and maturation process, through adjusting temperature, moisture, ventilation, and microbial activity deodorization and other means. Here, we refer to fermentation dumper, dumper and other equipment, whether organic fertilizer dumper or dumper, the common role is through aerobic fermentation, to maintain material organic matter does not lose, while removing odor and pests.

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Odor Sources in Organic Fertilizer Production

The odor in the production of organic fertilizer mainly comes from the decay and deterioration of raw materials, the fermentation of organic fertilizer and the drying of organic fertilizer. The harmful disease Jun comes from the carrying of livestock and poultry itself or the carrying of breeding raw materials.

Odor in organic fertilizer production usually has ammonia odor, hydrogen sulfide odor and so on, which can cause different degrees of toxicity to human respiration, digestion, cardiovascular, endocrine and nervous system. Some odors, even without health hazards, also have stimulation and influence on human spirit or mood.

Method of removing odor in composting process with organic fertilizer equipment

The methods of removing odor by using organic fertilizer equipment in composting fermentation process include microbial deodorization, plasma deodorization, ozone oxidation, masking, air dilution, adsorption, combustion, water washing and so on. Microbial deodorization is commonly used in the treatment of organic fertilizer equipment.

Biological deodorization in the process of fermentation and decomposition of materials by organic fertilizer equipment is a method that decomposes and transforms odorous components through biochemical reaction under the action of organism to achieve deodorization. At present, microorganisms are widely used to treat odor. Therefore, it is also called microbial deodorization. The greater advantages of this method are low operating costs, saving energy and resources, and easy maintenance.

Method of Removing Diseases and Pests in Fermentation and Flipping of Organic Fertilizer Equipment

In the process of organic fertilizer equipment promoting fermentation and decomposition, regulating water, temperature, ventilation and other processes, temperature changes repeatedly, low temperature, high temperature, low temperature… When the high temperature reaches above 60 degrees Celsius, it can kill harmful diseases and insects.

At the same time, in the process of fermentation and decomposition, with the change of temperature, the insect eggs and bacteria in the feces kill, and the feces will have no odor after fermentation and decomposition. Organic fertilizer produced by Henan GATE heavy industry organic fertilizer equipment plays an important role in crop growth and pest control.