What are the advantages of organic fertilizer disc granulator?

The disc granulator is the equipment for producing raw pellets in pellet production process. Disc granulator is a kind of equipment widely used in iron and steel, non-ferrous metallurgy, cement, fertilizer and other industrial fields. The design of disc granulator is constantly improved in its application and development. The new type of disc granulator is mainly composed of disc, transmission system, slewing support, rotary scraper device, disc inclination adjustment device, lubrication. System and other components.

Technical parameters of disk granulator

Model Power Capacity Rotaty Speed Dimension Granulating Ratio Installation Angle
GTZD-1000 2.2kw 0.5–1t/h 1450r/min 1800*1200*1600mm >90% 35-55°

disk granulator
What are the advantages of the disc granulator?
1. The disc granulator has novel structure, light weight, low height and flexible process layout
2, disc granulator into a ball disc tilt angle adjustment is convenient
3. The disc granulator is not pulled or torn when it is discharged from the disc
4. The disc granulator has higher assembly precision and smoother operation
5, the scraper device of the disc granulator, in the clear bottom, clear side, and the optimized use of the ball plate, the ball effect is better

What are the structural advantages of disk granulator?
1, the disk granulator pelletizing plate bottom is strengthened by a number of radiation steel plates, with high strength and stiffness
2, disk granulator transmission gear using high-frequency quenching treatment, long service life
3. The reducer and motor adopt chain transmission, with stable start, small impact force and high efficiency
4. The disk granulator improves the operating stability of the equipment and improves the service life of the main parts
5. The disc granulator adopts the unique combination scraper device without power to reduce the consumption of auxiliary power