High yield granulator machine for fertilizer Praised by Canadian customer

In mid-April, Canadian customers needed a batch of fertilizer granulation equipment to communicate with our business through an enquiry. Our staff introduced our different kinds of fertilizer granulator to customers in detail. After knowing about
our fertilizer granulation equipment, customers chose drum granulator and disc granulator for their own industry.Consultation on these two kinds of fertilizer granulation equipment was also carried out. After the visit, the final customer chose our fertilizer granulation equipment factory. Why do customers approve of our fertilizer granulation equipment?

advantages of the gate fertilizer pelletizer
1, fertilizer disk granulator only requires a small amount of investment: disc granulator production of compound fertilizer than other processes to produce compound fertilizer total investment can save 30%
2, fertilizer disk granulator wide adaptability, production formula flexibility
3, fertilizer disk granulator product quality in nutrient, water, particle size, strength, water-soluble phosphorus and other indicators meet customer requirements
4, easy to operate: disk granulation face to face, easy to control, flexible adjustment
5, fertilizer disk granulator production cost is low, high economic benefits

Advantages of compound fertilizer drum granulator
1. The ball granulator has a ball formation rate of 80% and can be re-fertilized granulated.
2. The drum granulator can be heated by steam to increase the temperature of the material, so that the moisture contained in the material after the ball is low
3, with rubber engineering plastics as the lining, so that the raw materials will not stick to the cylinder, and play a role in anti-corrosion and heat preservation;
4. The drum granulator has a large output, but the power consumption is saved and the maintenance cost is low.
5, the warranty period of the drum granulator is 2 years