Why choose GATE organic fertilizer production line?

Advantages and features of GATE organic fertilizer production lines:
Compared with traditional fertilizer production line, organic fertilizer production line has the following features:
First, a wide range of raw materials, biological manure, like oil, coal, ore is the wealth and resources of the society.China has a vast territory and abundant raw material resources of organic fertilizer production line.
Second, nutrient-rich fertilizer, livestock manure, a pig year tier of urine, and is combined with a padded retting system 2000—2500 kg of high quality organic fertilizer, which contain organic matter 11% one 12%, 0.45% of nitrogen, phosphorus pentoxide 0.19%, 0.6% potassium hydroxide, enough with fertilizer consumption throughout the year, an acre of land these organic fertilizer rich in nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium and other nutrients, content is above 6%, organic matter content is above 35%, higher than the national standard.

organic fertilizer production line
Thirdly, broad market prospect and large demand. An organic fertilizer production line can not only meet the needs of local fertilizer, but also meet the needs of surrounding markets.Bioorganic fertilizer is widely used in fields, fruit trees, flowers, landscaping, high-grade lawn, soil improvement and other fields, with good results.

Process flow of organic fertilizer production line:
Organic fertilizer production line is the necessary equipment for the production and processing of organic fertilizer. A complete organic fertilizer production line consists of: organic fertilizer grinder, transmission device, organic fertilizer mixer, organic fertilizer granulator, quantitative automatic packaging machine and computer automatic control system.

Market prospect of organic fertilizer production line:
The raw material of organic fertilizer production line is animal feces such as chicken manure and pig manure, without any chemical ingredients. The digestibility of chicken and pig is poor, and only 25% of the nutrients can be consumed. The other 75% of the nutrients in the feed are discharged with the excrement, thus making the dry products contain nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium, organic matter, amino acid, protein and other ingredients.The organic fertilizer production equipment not only creates the economic benefit for the enterprise, but also makes the huge contribution for the humanity environmental protection project, the market prospect is broad.

organic fertilizer production line