High quality organic fertilizer granulator machine ordered by Malaysian customers

First consultation on organic fertilizer granulator machine
Gate Heavy Technology Machinery has been adhering to the production of high-quality organic fertilizer granulator, and has been the leader in the industry for 16 years. Our organic fertilizer granulator is widely used in various countries and has a good reputation in the hearts of customers. On June 26, 2019, customers from Malaysia ordered several organic fertilizer granulating equipment from our organic fertilizer granulator factory. Customers expressed their confidence in our factory, but also full of expectations for our organic fertilizer granulator.

The customer agreed to visit the organic fertilizer granulator factory
The Malaysian customer was the first contact with us through the online platform in May. The customer indicated the number of organic fertilizer granulators they needed to purchase at the inquiry, and asked about the drum granulation fertilizer machine and the roller extrusion. Granule related issues. We all gave answers in a timely manner. The fertilizer granulator required by the customer requires a capacity of 2.5t/h, and our drum granulator can meet the requirements of customers.

Customers signed the purchase of organic fertilizer granulator contract
The customer contacted us by email for the second time, showing great interest in learning more about our organic fertilizer granulator and hoping to visit our organic fertilizer granulator factory in June. After understanding the customer’s needs, we agreed the visiting time with the customer and expressed our warm welcome.The customer arrived at our factory at the appointed time. We followed the customer’s requirements and showed the customer around the rotary drum granulator and the granulator equipment for roller extrusion.We also show customers our other products to lay a foundation for long-term cooperation.Finally, I took the customer to our laboratory and showed the sample of fertilizer particles made by our fertilizer granulator. The customer was very satisfied and signed the purchase contract on the same day.