The production process of small organic fertilizer equipment

The production process of small organic fertilizer equipment is as follows:
1. Production process
On the yeast fermentation pool – evenly into the bacterium agent – turn heap fermentation, fermentation 12 to 15 days – out of the pool – points screen – crushing – to mix – (granules) packaging – for sale
2, organic fertilizer production equipment
1) slot stacking machine
Three fermentation tanks of organic fertilizer equipment with a width of 9 meters and a length of 45 meters shall be built according to your production scale. The fermentations shall be continuously put into the fermentation tank and transferred three meters to the other end of the fermentation tank by the heap turning machine every day. At the same time, the purpose of moisture regulation and even mixing can be achieved.And can achieve the goal of full rot.
2), forklift truck
Use shovel to transfer the fermented organic fertilizer to the semi-finished products stacking area, which is convenient for daily processing of the fermented organic fertilizer by organic fertilizer equipment thrown to the top of the heap turning machine and out of the pool in time.

3) screening machine
The fermentable organic fertilizer of organic fertilizer machine will be sifted, the inside of the bulk and debris out of the easy to next step crushing and packaging.
4) shredder
After sorting out the large pieces of debris and stones in the sifted organic fertilizer of organic fertilizer equipment, the products will be crushed, which is beautiful and can ensure the quality of the products.
5) premix machine
Mixing the sifted and crushed organic fertilizers can ensure the stability of product of fertilizer making machine quality and play a mixing role in adding fertilizers and trace elements for production of special fertilizers and various compound fertilizers.
6) packaging machine
Premix evenly after the organic fertilizer granulation by organic fertilizer machine if need to granulation, if do not need granulation direct packaging sales.