How does the crawler composter perform a dumping operation?

Tracked composting machine is a kind of large-scale dumping machine, full hydraulic operating system, lever-type steering wheel operation, track-type walking, strong and durable, strong power, advanced technology, large output, strong dumping capacity, hydraulic lifting adjustment of dumping drum , High degree of automation, simple operation and easy to master. Tracked composting machine is a professional turning equipment for aerobic fermentation of organic materials into organic fertilizer.

How does a tracked composter perform a dumping operation?

1. In principle, the crawler composting machine should be run at a low speed. However, the materials are different and the water content is different. The driver can choose an appropriate speed based on the actual state of the dump to achieve efficiency. After starting, run at idle speed for 3-5 minutes in the no-load parking state, and then turn over the pile to adjust the speed for 1 minute before idling.
2. Pay attention to prevent straw and other materials from being entangled on the turning shaft. When any material is found on the turning shaft, it should be stopped in time, and the material wound on the turning knife shaft should be cleaned and then turned over. Do not forcibly mix or retreat. This will seriously damage the components of the tracked composting machine.

3. The crawler composting machine should be straddled on the material stack. It is strictly forbidden to drive on the material pile. The width of the material must not exceed the working space of the stacker. When the engine is struggling during operation, it is not allowed to forcibly dump the pile. The speed rotation button should be quickly decelerated or stopped, so that the crawler dumper is parked. At this time, only the stacker shaft is operated. The crawler dumper can dump the material in place, which can quickly dump and dump the materials on the dumper shaft, and continue to perform the dumping operation without feeling the effort.