What are the uses and characteristics of chicken manure crawler composting machine?

There are many types of tracked composting machines. It uses the method of fermenting bio-organic fertilizer on the ground to better turn the ground garbage and manure into piles. The characteristics of tracked composting machine are low investment, large return, low energy consumption, low cost and high effect. Tracked composter is mainly used in farms, such as cattle farms, sheep farms and other types of farms. Tracked composter effectively prevents the generation of harmful and foul gases such as hydrogen sulfide and amine gas during the fermentation process, which is beneficial to environmental protection requirements and improves fertilizer efficiency.

The use and characteristics of crawler composting machine

1. The advanced fermentation process adopts microbial aerobic fermentation. The tracked composting machine produced by our factory is designed according to the principle of aerobic fermentation, so that the fermentation bacteria have room to fully perform its functions. If bucket machinery or tank fermentation is used, an anaerobic state will be formed in the compost, which will not fully function the fermentation bacteria, which will affect the quality of the fertilizer and its production cycle.
2. The crawler composter is more suitable for the mechanism and process requirements of microbial fermentation of fresh chicken manure. It can effectively mix the viscous chicken manure with microbial preparations and straw powder, creating a good aerobic environment for material fermentation. Under the loose material properties, chicken manure deodorizes in 7-12 hours, starts to dry in 3 days, and becomes fertilized in 5 to 7 days, which is not only faster than deep tank fermentation, but also effectively prevents hydrogen sulfide and amine gas during fermentation. , Indole and other harmful and foul gas. Tracked composting machine not only meets environmental protection requirements, but also produces good bio-organic fertilizer.

3. The crawler composting machine has suitable power balance, low energy consumption and large output, which reduces the production cost of bio-organic fertilizer. According to the calculation of the technical parameters of the machine, the small machine can mix 400-500 cubic meters of fresh chicken manure per hour (equivalent to 100 people At the same time tireless workload). It can be converted into more than 160-200 tons of fertilizer, and an organic fertilizer plant with a daily output of 100 tons of finished fertilizer. Workers can operate the crawler composter in less than one hour (referring to the actual turning time). Energy consumption per ton of fertilizer is less than 1kw, and the average fuel consumption per cubic meter is 0.03 yuan. Only four or five people are required for the entire plant. Form a clear price potential with finished fertilizers.